5 ways to get a nursery ready for winter

As winter approaches, there’s no better time to add a touch of warmth to their nursery or bedroom. Want to know how to do it like a pro? Whether you’re having a winter baby or want to give their bedroom a seasonal refresh, here are the cozy bedroom ideas to create the most snuggly setting…

Create a gentle glow with lighting 

With less daylight in winter, now’s the time to create a warm glow via lighting in their nursery. The perfect way to promote calm and tranquillity in their newborn nursery or big kid room, you’ll want to layer different parts of their room with lighting instead of using bright overhead lights. Here’s how to do it: pop a tall standing lamp like the Hand Carved Floor Lamp in the corner of their room, preferably near wall art to accentuate and showcase the design. Then, choose a bedside table lamp such as the Hand Carved Bear Nightstand Lamp for a warm glow near their bed and dress up the corner of their room with the Cottage Nightlight. Feeling adventurous? You could also decorate the wall near their playtime area or changing unit with the Diplodocus Lamp

Hand Carved Lamp

Choose a fluffy rug for family time

More time indoors means more time spent with your loved ones.  And if there’s a little one in the family, a fluffy rug like the Natural Lambswool Rug will be their favourite surface to relax on. Not only does it feel luxuriously soft to walk and sit on, but it’s a great option for tummy time and playing with your little one as well. Top tip: if you have wooden floors or simply want to add softness to their space, layering rugs is one of our easiest baby bedroom ideas – just choose two or three and simply overlap them at a slight diagonal angle. Try it with the Luna Grey Cotton Rug and the Heart Rug. It looks super chic and makes for a warm, cozy bedroom.  

Add character to bare walls

Bare walls – chic during summer, but a little empty come winter. This is the season to add some depth and dimension to those empty walls. You want their nursery or bedroom to look inviting and welcoming, so look to add delight via wall art, wallpaper or a piece of furniture that covers part of the wall. Do it The Baby Cot Shop way via these baby nursery ideas: Numbers Watercolour Print, Emperor Blue Wallpaper and the Salome Nursery Glider Chair.  

Design cosy spaces within their nursery

For a true winter feel, fill empty corners with cosy spaces that enable them to play, bond, discover and learn in their nursery. Stuck for ideas? Try a reading nook, designed with a Majestic Gold Collection Canopy, The Modern Low Shelf Unit and Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Blanket. Or what about a playtime corner, filled with the most delightful toys such as Miffy Sitting Terry Retro Orange or Blossom Bea Beige Bunny? Every child loves making a den, which can be done via blankets like the London Grey Blanket, the Personalised Children’s Stools and a Bogarde Swivel Armchair.

Lambskin Image

Opt for curtains to add warmth and character

Wondering how to make a room warmer in winter? Curtains, especially floor length ones, are the answer. These offer a simple way to inject warmth and personality into their room – and they look magnificent too. By having grand, sweeping curtains, it gives attention to the intricate designs and patterns, meaning you don’t have to worry about decorating the spaces around them too much. This winter, go for earthy, neutral or deep-hued curtains with seasonal details or characters on. At The Baby Cot Shop, we’re here to help you choose the perfect curtains with our bespoke fabrics. Our top pick this winter? Happy Dreams Polar Bear Blue Fabric, which shows an adorable polar bear and penguin duo.   

Happy Dreams Polar Bear Blue Fabric
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