Want To Give Their Nursery A Royal Makeover? Here's How In 4 Simple Ways


This April is a monumental month for royal birthdays – the Queen officially turns 96 (although it’s celebrated in June) and Prince Louis turns 4. So it’s no surprise that regal, ornate nurseries are having a moment with all the royal birthday fever going on. Here are the easy ways to add a royal touch to their snuggly setting that don’t require a full makeover…

  • Choose a canopy

A canopy adds a magical spark to any baby nursery, but when it comes to creating a royal looking space, it’s an essential in our eyes. Why? It’s bold, elegant and certainly makes a statement, whilst being a typical royal nursery option. Choose a drooping canopy that floats over their cot like the Grace Rose Collection Canopy for little princesses. Seeking a canopy for your little prince? Look no further than the Classic Collection Canopy, which guarantees to add a fairy tale vibe to your sweetheart’s nursery.


  • Make it a playroom too

When it comes to royal nurseries, the nursery is traditionally also a playroom. That’s right – it’s not just a space to snooze in, it’s also a hub for fun, getting creative and play dates. So kit out your royal baby room with the Classic Table and Chairs by Savio Firmino, featuring a set of chairs and a chalkboard table they can get arty on. Or if they prefer playing with their dolls and toys, grab the Donosti White Toy Pram for endless make belief fun. 



  • Pick a royal colour palette

We always welcome a splash of colour to baby nurseries. And when it comes to choosing the hues for your royal-themed nursery, you can’t go wrong with royal blue. Funnily enough, the shade is called this because it was created for a dress for Queen Charlotte (1744-1818). Ready for a royal blue makeover? Here are your must-haves – the Royal Blue Cushion Set, Royal Blue Collection Duvet Cover and Royal Blue Luxury Moses Basket


  • Go for a traditional rocking horse

Without a doubt, the most traditional item for a royal nursery is a rocking horse. Did you know the oldest rocking horse to date belonged to King Charles I of England from around 1610? The sweetest toy, it can keep them entertained for hours, whilst sparking their imagination and allowing them to feel adventurous and free-spirited. We’ve got the perfect wooden rocking horse for your regal nursery, the Luxury Rocking Horse in Mahogany. Don’t rule it out if you’re not going for a royal nursery theme – it also seamlessly slots into a neutral or ultra-modern space. 

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