Valentine's Day gifts to your little one that slot perfectly into their nursery

When it comes to spoiling your little bundle, tot or tweenager this Valentine’s Day, gift them something they’ll cherish forever. Nothing says ‘You’re my favourite person in the world’ like these stunning nursery necessities

Valentine’s Day Gift:
Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie

Perfect for: Toddlers who benefit from a comforter in their cot and when out and about.


Why they’ll love it: This elegant toy comforter, embellished with a gold bow tie and floppy ears, offers a sense of security when they’re on-the-go and away from home. Watch as your mini Valentine smothers their new bunny with cuddles and kisses – this is a gift they’ll use every day.

Valentine’s Day Gift: Grace Rose Collection Canopy

Grace Rose Cot Bed Canopy

Perfect for: Drooping above baby’s cot or creating a den for a big kid

Why they’ll love it: Add a fairy-tale touch to their room this Valentine’s Day.  Girly and luxurious, this enchanting canopy is the perfect treat for your little princess. The whimsical nursery accessory drapes over their sleeping space or playtime corner in a beautiful sandy pink fabric. Divine! 

Valentine’s Day Gift: Train Pouff Set by Savio Firmino

Savio Firming Train Pouffe

Perfect for: Tots and tweens who love to explore and use their imagination 

Why they’ll love it: Mind the gap! This takes playtime to the next level. The three-piece pouff set, shaped like train carriages, is just the thing to play on as they travel from station to station. Whether they travel via Orient Express or the Jubilee Line, it’ll provide hours of fun in their nursery. What’s more, the Train Pouff Set is also an incredibly comfortable and supportive base for reading time. 

Valentine’s Day Gift: Sheep Lamp

Sheep Lamp Nursery Heico

Perfect for: Little babies, tots and big kids during wind-down time

Why they’ll love it: Even before it’s used as a night light, this sweet sheep is a gorgeous nursery ornament (especially for those animal or cottagecore themed rooms). When you switch it on, it beams a soft, warm glow, allowing you to wind down in a serene setting. Perfect as a story time, cuddle time or feeding light, it’s perfect for treating your little angel to this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day Gift: First Rocking Lamb 


Perfect for: Animal-obsessed toddlers who love to have fun

Why they’ll love it: Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with The Baby Cot Shop’s rocking lamb (2022’s answer to rocking horses). They’ll adore its fuzzy woollen coat and how it glides gently, which they’ll love showing off to their family and friends. It’s a practical parent buy this Valentine’s Day too, courtesy of the removable, machine washable coat.  

Remember our online store is open 24/7 if you cannot pop into our flagship boutique in Chelsea; you can also request advice of gifting by calling us or sending a message.

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