Ultra-elegant Accents That Elevate Every Baby Nursery


We often look at nursery furniture and linen as premium assets to a nursery, but what about the intricate accents and materials that make them up? These are what give your baby’s room the wow factor, so let us take you through the most charming embellishments to look out for…

Gold Handles

As seen on: Notte Fatata Changing Unit

The gold handles on the Notte Fatata Changing Unit are seriously stunning. Each handle has been intricately designed as a different motif, which appears playful yet premium alongside the handcrafted drawers and antique wood. Your little one will love exploring the enchanting designs as they grow – there’s a teddy bear, butterfly, rose, dolphin, star and horse for them to get up close with as they become toddlers. Want a more modern vibe? Check out the gold handles on the Tribeca Changing Unit

Traditional Lace

As seen on: Majestic Gold Collection Set

One thing’s for sure, lace will never go out of fashion. If you’re a fan, look no further than the timeless Majestic Gold Collection Set, which offers lace in abundance. The best part? You won’t have to worry about matching linen and bedding as the range comes with a laced full bumper, duvet cover and decorative cushion. The gold lace sits on intricate gold piping and white satin materials, exuding an effortlessly glamorous feel, which is why these make the most delightful gifts. What’s more, lace makes for the most photo-worthy baby nursery if you’re looking to do a newborn photo shoot.

Upholstered Fabric

As seen on: Balmoral Cot Bed

Meet the most opulent cot bed inspired by the Regency Era. The secret to its regal look? The exterior upholstered fabric. The lavish design is complemented with the cot’s curved headboards, plush velvet interior and contrasting colour scheme, giving it a traditional, bold aesthetic. You’ll be happy to know that you can tailor the Balmoral Cot Bed fabric to your style – choose from a range of the highest quality fabrics, from Blush Matte Velvet to French Grey Cotton. 

Big Bows

As seen on: Ivy Rose Luxury Crib

Pick bow decor for a traditional princess vibe. Bows give a baby’s nursery an instant uplift, making it fit for a princess – and the Ivy Rose Luxury Crib (exclusively available at The Baby Cot Shop) is just that. This statement cot houses a couture bow at its end, complete with a jewelled flower. But the beauty of this is whether you’re up close or just entering your baby’s nursery, it stands out from all angles. If you want to add some character and elegance to a more modern, subtle nursery design, this is just the thing to decorate their space in the most practical way. 

Gold Piping

As seen on: Royal Blue Luxury Moses Basket

Piping may be a subtle linen design, but it gives the most premium effect. You may not have noticed it, but many elegant nursery pieces feature gold piping, such as the Royal Blue Luxury Moses Basket. Here, the gold piping lines the linen around the frame and on the cushioned quilt, giving it a regal aesthetic. Luckily, gold matches most colours and is the ultimate symbol of luxury, so next time you’re on the search for charming nursery items, look out for any gold embellishments. 

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