Trending Spring Wallpaper That Completely Transforms Their Nursery


Here at The Baby Cot Shop, we dub wallpaper as the top way to revamp a nursery. That’s because it adds a sense of nature and wilderness to a room, whilst being vibrant and energetic or calm and tranquil. Whichever vibe you’re going for, wallpaper truly sets the scene for their snuggly setting. This spring, there are heaps of wallpaper trends that transform a space, so we’ve picked out the ones that are especially luxurious… 

Why wallpaper? 

Wallpaper elevates and adds character to your little one’s nursery. Whether it’s a full wallpaper makeover or a singular feature wall, it’s a simple way to incorporate a theme, freshen up a space or introduce a colour scheme to their nursery. Seeking a nursery personal stylist to do the hard work for you? Check out The Baby Cot Shop’s Interior Design Service – bringing you extravagant nursery makeovers and helping you with all your wallpaper woes. 

Spring wallpaper trend #1: Bunny fever

Dress your walls with bunny-themed wallpaper to mark spring being in full force. It doesn’t just add a sweet touch to their nursery, but it’ll also keep them curious about animals and wildlife – bonus. Needing some décor to compliment your bunny wallpaper? Bunny toys, such as Miffy and Bunny Mummy & Me Print are an instant winner, whilst indoor plants, floral linen and cottagecore décor also do the trick.  

Your wallpaper picks from The Baby Cot Shop: 

March Hare Wallpaper

Happy Dreams Bunny Wallpaper


Spring wallpaper trend #2: Alphabet time

A new school terms means learning is back on the cards! And did you know that educational wallpaper is extremely beneficial, even for babies? That’s right, whether it has the alphabet on or numbers, your baby will be visually learning before you even know it. Let us explain – the more they subconsciously look at their alphabet wallpaper, the quicker they’ll be able to decode it when they’re old enough. That’s because it will be familiar to them, with it being right in front of them in their room. Want to continue the alphabet theme? Pick the ABC Watercolour Nursery Print to hang above their changing table. Clever!

Your wallpaper pick from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Alphabet Zoo Wallpaper 


Spring wallpaper trend #3: Unisex is best

Gender neutral nurseries are trending right now. So whether you want to opt for a muted colour scheme or aren’t finding out the gender of your baby, there are some seriously sweet picks for spring available at The Baby Cot Shop. Thought neutral wallpaper was boring? Think again – we have the perfect unisex options that bring character, adventure and enchantment into a nursery. Top tip: choose unisex wallpaper that tells a story, transports you to a faraway land or immerses you into nature for the ultimate gender-neutral space. Plus, you can still add splashes of colour elsewhere in their room, from cushions and linen to wall art and rugs.  

Your wallpaper picks from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Nell Cloud Wallpaper 

Otomi Cactus Wallpaper 

Spring wallpaper trend #4: Botanical, baby!

The more botanical the baby room, the better! As you may know, biophilic nurseries are trending at the moment – ones that use indoor plants to bring the outside in or are inspired by lush greenery. Cue botanical wallpaper, which include prints that nod to nature, from leaves and plants to trees and underwater greenery. Parents love these for their airiness, freshness and escapism all at the same time. It’s worth noting that botanical wallpaper works well alongside floral décor, wooden furniture and Scandi-inspired surroundings. 

Your wallpaper picks from The Baby Cot Shop: 

Pear Tree Setting Plaster Wallpaper

Nautilus Dark Sea Green Wallpaper

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