Top Toy Travel Buddies for Jet-Setting Tots 

Heading on holiday? Whether it’s via plane, train, cruise or car, all travelling tots need a snuggly friend by their side. So treat your tiny travellers to these adorable, keepsake toys, which are the most practical buys…  
Why should I pack my little one’s toys for travelling?
First things first, babies and children view their toys as security objects, meaning they offer them the emotional support they need. They naturally become attached to these toys, which become a symbol of security, comfort and love. It’s fair to say that when you’re travelling in unfamiliar environments, it can be a little daunting for little ones, so bringing along a toy that smell of them, you and home is a winner in our books. Top tip: buy a toy for them a few weeks before you jet off (at a minimum) – that way they can get use to it, play with it and will recognise it in the weeks to follow.   
Jellycat Odyssey Octopus Soft Toy – Little
The perfect travel buddy for your sweetheart’s first holiday, this super-soft, squishy octopus is the ultimate soother. Did you know that octopus toys are incredibly calming for babies? Dubbed a well-known therapy for premature newborns, they’ve been found to improve breathing and increase levels of oxygen just through cuddles. How? Their tentacles are thought to remind babies of the placenta in the womb. Fascinating! What’s more, the Jellycat Odyssey Octopus Soft Toy will also teach your baby about different sea creatures and their features. We love this special toy.   
Bedtime Huggie Giraffe
bedtime-huggie-giraffe The plush Bedtime Huggie Giraffe toy doubles up as a blanket – and we can’t get enough of it on-the-go. Pack this in their hand luggage for the most practical travel solution. Your little one will love playing with their buddy in transit or using the blanket to sleep when it’s time to rest. Once you get to your destination, you can even use the blanket and the toy in the cot at night. This is a win-win mum buy!   
Blue Rabbit Rattle
BLUE RABBIT RATTLE If you’re looking for a toy that stimulates baby whilst travelling, look no further than the Blue Rabbit Rattle. Just the thing to keep them amused and entertained on long car journeys, flights and pram rides, it allows them to discover sound and learn to grip. They’ll love feeling the rabbit’s floppy ears and soft nose.   
Jellycat Dancing Darcey Elephant Soft Toy
JELLYCAT TOY Say hello to their little ballerina bestie, who they’ll love chatting to whilst jetting away. With its pretty pink tutu and satin shoes, your little princess will love swaying and kicking with their favourite toy. The perfect size to cuddle and sleep next to, we can’t think of a better furry adventure friend than Dancing Darcey  
London Grey Bunny Blankie
LONDON GREY BUNNY TOY This chic Bunny Blankie isn’t just a cuddle-worthy blanket and toy, it also helps babies relax and get to sleep. Ideal for snoozing on-the-go or in a travel cot, we love it for its soothing qualities. Plus, this elegant item will smell just like home, so they’ll be in the land of nod before you know it. Post-holiday, the London Grey Bunny Blankie encourages tots to be independent in their cot, new settings and when interacting with people – just another reason why we’re big fans.  
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