The Next Chapter of our Interiors of Hope Campaign is Here

After the huge success of The Baby Cot Shop’s Interiors of Hope campaign (which launched in January 2021), it only seems right to celebrate motherhood, inspirational nurseries and messages of hope once again. So cue the Interiors of Hope campaign 2.0, which will be running from 13th September – 10th October 2021, where you’ll find all the nursery prep, décor inspiration and positivity you need. Get ready to create a room filled with hope and style for your little bundle’s arrival. Read on for the full lowdown…  
A journey of hope: How the Interiors of Hope campaign makes nursery décor meaningful
We’re here for mums-to-be, whether you’ve just announced you’re expecting or are days away from meeting your little bubba. As you embark on pregnancy, let us guide you through a journey of hope – one where even though you might be experiencing surprises at every corner, your future mini best friend will be all worth it (yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!). And to celebrate, we’re prompting mums to create joyful, calm and uplifting nursery interiors inspired by the magic of childhood – all in an elegant, bespoke style, of course.   
The Interiors of Hope 2.0 trend report: what you need to include in your nursery
Take note of these trending symbols of hope to add sprinkles of positivity into their snuggly setting…  
Trend #1: Hot Air Balloons Galore
Interiors of Hope Hot Air Balloon
Up, up and away! Whether it’s through hanging pendant lights, a fantasy kids bed or delightful wall print, hot air balloons convey a journey, just like the one you are on mum-to-be! We love incorporating hot air balloon décor into nurseries as they spread a sense of freedom, taking control and being at one with nature. Plus, they offer a vintage, whimsical vibe that will never go out of fashion, so it’s a thumbs up from us. Put hot air balloon décor on your to-do list now for a nursery that will make you smile every time you walk in.    
Trend #2: Here Comes the Sunflowers
Interiors of Hope Sunflower
If you’re looking to give your baby’s nursery a bright and vibrant feel, sunflower décor is a winner. Naturally adding oomph to neutral colour palettes, these flowers are perfect for both unisex and gender specific nurseries. What’s more, they symbolise good luck, happiness and loyalty, so they’re pretty perfect if we say so ourselves. Give their cosy haven a sunflower surprise with these two matching wall prints: Sunflower Art Print and Sunflowers Bouquet Art Print. Floral fan? Continue the theme via the Chamomile Flower Rug, Rosebuds Embroidered Pillowcase and the Happy Dreams Embroidered Jungle Fabric   
Trend #3: Rainbow fever 
RAINBOW-ART Rainbows took centre-stage of our Interiors of Hope campaign when it first launched - and the trend is still booming. Why? Well, rainbows not only look playful and sweet in a baby nursery, but they also display hope and courage (which is where the term ‘rainbow baby’ comes from). Sold? Let your rainbow nursery décor be a daily reminder of how grateful you are. Our top rainbow picks include the adorable Orange Rainbow Rug and charming wall print trio of Hope Rainbow Print, Love Rainbow Print and Kindness Rainbow Print.     
Your journey matters: nursery essentials all mums-to-be need
Let us do the hard work for you. Introducing the most practical nursery buys with you in mind…  
Cadogan Changing Unit
Luxury changing unit The multi-purpose Cadogan Changing Unit offers seven large drawers and a removable changing tray, so you can have everything you need in one place. Fill this elegantly designed changing unit with baby changing essentials and their gorgeous clothes.   
The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service
luxury nursery changing unit Looking for a personal nursery stylist to create your baby’s room? With over 10 years’ experience, The Baby Cot Shop Interior Design Service is here to design, plan and build the nursery of your dreams. Allowing an expert to take the lead whilst you enjoy your pregnancy is just the thing to treat yourself to. Start your journey here.    
Mummy & Me Wall Art
Animal wall art Prepare for your little darling’s arrival by adding these finishing touches to the nursery – the Mummy & Me Collection Wall Prints. Featuring watercolour paintings of wild animals embracing their young, these will make your heart burst with pride at your growing bump. We guarantee every time you look at these in your sweetheart’s nursery, you’ll get a rush of excitement. Check out the Elephant, Zebra, GiraffeLion and Bunny Mummy & Me Print.  
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