Summer to Autumn décor swaps to create seasonal warmth in their nursery

Autumn hibernation mode: activated. That’s right, it’s time to wave adieu to bright, vibrant interiors and welcome in snuggly settings with open arms. Here’s how to give their nursery a cosy autumnal makeover…

  • Swap bright tones for earthy hues
  • It’s time for autumnal shades to take the spotlight this season. Say hello to neutral, earthy colours like beige, charcoal, grey, brown and dark greens. How to do it? You don’t have to paint your walls or replace all their furniture – a linen refresh is the way to master it. There’s nothing better than the Willow Collection Set to do the trick. It’s designed with bespoke linen and an intricate Samuel & Sons trim that creates a homely aesthetic.

    Willow Collection Set


  • Stuck for a colour scheme? Try colour drenching
  • Not sure which colour scheme to choose for their autumnal nursery? Colour drenching is your simple solution. It was big news for summer and you’ll be pleased to know it’s not going anywhere for autumn 2022. Colour drenching, where you choose a colour to paint and decorate a room in (creating a colour wash effect), is contemporary and eye-catching, especially when you choose contrasting décor, flooring and rugs to elevate their space. Take note of autumn 2022’s top hues: deep orange, navy, beige, brown and green. We love navy for a primary colour drenching colour, which you can sport by choosing the Salome Nursery Glider Chair alongside The Moon and the Fox Nursery Rug. Voila! 

    Stylish Nursery

  • Fill corners for a cosy effect

    Whilst summer is airy and fresh, you’ll want baby’s nursery to feel warm and compact come autumn. That means filling any empty corners in their room and making optimum use of the space. This not only allows for a more practical setting where your little one can play and explore, but it also gives the room a snug environment. Not sure how to fill an empty corner? The Personalised Toy Box or Train Wagon Pouff Set by Savio Firmino are great options, whilst the Majestic Gold Collection Canopy makes for a charming reading nook.   

    Train Vagon Pouff Set By Savio Firmino | The Baby Cot Shop

  • Grab a lampshade for a gentle autumnal glow
  • In summer, rooms don’t rely on lighting as much as they do for autumn. So with the clocks changing and our evenings getting darker, you’ll want to make their nursery glow a little longer with a lampshade. From playtime in the late afternoon to bedtime routines, having a lamp in their room is the most practical and calming option. You could either pick a large floor lamp like the Hand Carved Floor Lamp or perch the Hand Carved Bear Nightstand Lamp by their bedside.  

    Notte Fatata Hand-Carved Bear Lamp

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