Summer Sleep Routines: The Do’s and Don’ts

The warmer weather brings with it lots of challenges for babies and children. One of these is sleep routines and as many mums will agree, summer can rock the boat! Take a look at our helpful guide to summer sleep routines to avoid the new season unsettling your little one…  
Do keep the room dark
L'ENVOL WALLPAPER - TOMATE In short, the darker their nursery is, the more melatonin (the sleepy hormone) your baby will produce. This leads to better, longer sleeps – yay! We know summer can be tricky when it gets darker later (and frustratingly it’s still sunny out when you put your baby to bed), so invest in blackout blinds or curtains that block the light out. For bespoke curtains with a traditional vibe, we’d suggest the stunning L’Envol Wallpaper – Tomate  
Do make sure their nursery is cool
It’s essential that your baby doesn’t overheat, so you’ll want to ensure you have a cool nursery. The optimum temperature for the room is between 16-20°C (this feels not too hot or cold, but perfectly in-between). You may want to use a fan in the nursery to keep a cool airflow.   
Do stick to your normal routine
LONDON GREY BUNNY BLANKIE   Whether you’re socialising at a garden party or jetting off somewhere exotic this summer, remember to stick to your baby’s sleep routine (or as much as possible). Of course, these naps don’t always have to be in a cot – they can still have effective naps in the car or pram. Our top tip? Bring a familiar item from home that your little one will find comforting, like the adorable London Grey Bunny Blankie  
Don’t skip naptime
In summer, it’s way too easy to skip naptime – especially when you’re out and about. Our advice? Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to summer plans, but equally don’t ditch naptime (as this will have a knock-on effect at night). If your child likes to cuddle their toys as they drift off, treat them to the charming Cream Plush Bear  
Don’t stay indoors too often
Being outside with your little one in summer has heaps of benefits. Firstly, babies love the fresh air, which can actually help them fall into a longer, deeper sleep. Additionally, the more you spend time outside playing, running about or just walking with your child, the more likely they’ll settle down to sleep.   
Don’t forget the wind-down time
MADISON NURSERY GLIDER   What exactly is wind-down time? Well, it should occur 30-45 minutes before bedtime, when you prepare your child for a peaceful night’s sleep. This could include unwinding during bath time, bonding whilst reading a book or singing a lullaby. In summer, wind-down time is essential for a restful night ahead. Try the Madison Nursery Glider for the perfect way to start your bedtime routine.   
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