Pretend play for tots: the benefits and toys to choose from The Baby Cot Shop

From 18 months old, you might start to see your little one engage in pretend play, whether that’s with you, a toy or their friend. This develops as they grow, learn new words and become fascinated by different themes and toys. Help foster the most engaging environment for pretend play with our luxurious buys from The Baby Cot Shop – you’ll love these toys and essentials for pretend play, for toddlers and big kids alike.  

What is pretend play

Pretend play, also known as imaginary play and make believe play is when your child experiments with their play time, pretending to do something as if it’s really happening. This could involve dressing up, playing with toys and pretending to go shopping or have a tea party. Most importantly, pretend play is a thinking skill, so it actually signifies a positive developmental step in their lives. Exploring their imagination is a special time for them – it means they can have heaps of fun and keep themselves busy!

What are the benefits? 

There are many benefits to pretend play, one being that you can get involved too! It’s heart-warming to see your little one develop their imagination and have fun getting family, friends and their peers involved too. Next, it can really help fine tune their language skills as they imitate what they think a character will say and learn from you when you’re getting into a character as well. It teaches them empathy and emotional skills, helping them learn what a toy or character will feel like in a certain situation. And finally, it broadens their creativity as they constantly think of different scenarios and allow their imagination to run free. Nothing is impossible with pretend play!

The Baby Cot Shop’s top pretend play toys for kids and best buys


Luxury Rocking Horse Oak 

Giddy up, horsey! The Luxury Rocking Horse doesn’t just look traditional and elegant in your little one’s nursery, but it’s also the best playtime buddy. Allow this beautiful horse to take them on an adventure through different landscapes and scenery. They’ll love rocking on it and seeing where in the world it takes them – will it be the desert, fields or the beach? The horse even wears a bridle and there’s a saddle too, so this actually looks like a real-life horse! 


Train Bed by Savio Firmino

A playtime hub and cosy bed in one? Yes please. Everything about the Train Bed by Savio Firmino screams fun and adventure. The life-like train structure is complete with wheels, windows, lights and a door, so your mini conductors can feel like they’re actually on board. The best part? Your child can literally slide out of bed (yes, it actually features a slide), so their pretend play time just got that much more fun. This is the perfect imaginary play for 3 year olds and younger tots who are already becoming fascinated by trains. 

Bailey Sloth

For pretend play jungle adventures, choose this sloth kids toy. Little explorers will love discovering their surroundings, walking along hanging bridges and encountering other animals along the way. He gives the best cuddles too, so they’ll love snuggling up with Bailey as they play, chill out and snooze after a long day of imaginary play. 

Baby Toy Pram 

This is one of our top toys for kids. You might notice your little one loves playing with toy prams to transport their dolls or toys. It gives them a sense of importance and responsibility, allowing their confidence to grow. So encourage them to play with this Baby Toy Pram from The Baby Cot Shop, a beautifully crafted pram with a carrycot, hood, handlebars and chic wheels – it really gives them the full experience of using a pram, but just in a mini size. 


Jellycat Odell Octopus Soft Toy – Really Big size

Under the sea pretend play time starts here. Little swimmers will love pretending they’re divers, fishes or on a ship, ready to explore Odell the Octopus with its 8 curly tentacles. This kids toy is made in a large, life-like size, so they can really feel like they’re far, far away from home. Who else will they bump into on their underwater adventures, we wonder?

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