Peaceful Hub: Top Nursery Elements That Create A Calming Ambiance


Your little one’s nursery or bedroom should be a hub for peace and serenity. It goes without saying that their room should feel like a safe and cosy space – somewhere they can relax, play and explore in. From a sleep-inducing colour palette to subdued lighting, here’s our expert guide to creating a calming ambiance…

A Splash of Light Blue 

Unsurprisingly, light blue is the winning hue for a peaceful aesthetic. From sky tinted wallpaper to hints of sea blue, having a wash of light blue around their room can actually encourage a restful slumber. Featuring the shade in their interiors has also been shown to help calm the mind and regulate breathing levels, so you can expect it to transform their room into a relaxing haven. Sport the tranquil colour trend via Woods Light Blue Wallpaper

and Carolina Moses Basket in Blue

Incorporate Natural Elements

We love natural elements in a baby nursery. These are materials in their authentic state, such as wood, linen, bamboo and rattan, which create a soft, calm atmosphere. Whilst they may not look polished or perfect, the organic look can give a chic, premium vibe without even meaning to! Our favourites from The Baby Cot Shop? The exposed painted wood on the Balmoral Cot

and the Willow Collection Set with its natural linen.


Pick a Botanical Theme

There’s nothing better than nature to promote calm in their snuggly setting. And botanicals are here to do just that (don’t fret, you won’t need to adopt lots of indoor plants). It’s easy really – start becoming aware of botanical designs on wallpapers, wall art, rugs and décor and choose patterns that feature leaves, trees, plants, flowers or tropical elements. These offer an airiness and transportive feel to their room, whilst bringing a sense of curiosity for nature too. Believe us, botanical baby décor is the calming makeover you didn’t know their room needed until now. For a traditional touch, choose the Pear Tree Graphite Wallpaper

or for hours of fun pick the Amuseable Cream Orchid By Jellycat toy.

Opt for Gentle Lighting

A gentle glow for story time and wind down time is the ultimate tool for calm. Why? The softer the light, the less it stimulates your little one and prepares them for a restful night sleep. And sometimes, us parents need a bit of light to help prep their room for bedtime, so this is the perfect solution to keep a peaceful atmosphere. For the most adorable night lights, check out the Cottage Nightlight

and Sheep Lamp, which make the most perfect gifts.

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