Layered lighting: how to do it elegantly in their nursery

Layered lighting is the trend we’re fully committed to when it comes to baby nurseries. Why? No matter the style or size of their room, lighting brings character, comfort and warmth to their space. Here’s how to layer your light for nursery rooms to create the most magical space…

What is layered lighting? 

Instead of simply turning on the lights, layered lighting gives your room depth and contour through lighting. Put simply, it’s about mixing different forms of lighting, like nursery ceiling light fixtures and bed side table lamps, meaning different parts of their nursery will be lit with unique glows. This creates a setting with pockets of light, where key areas of the room are accentuated at different brightness levels in the most practical way, for example you might opt for a floor light near their play time corner or a table lamp by their bed for story time. The beauty of layered lighting is that you don’t have to use all the lights at the same time, you can change up the lighting scheme based on what you’re using their nursery for. 

At The Baby Cot Shop, we see lighting not only as a functional everyday solution but as a design form. Here's the perfect recipe for layered lighting in their nursery…

  • Choose a floor lamp to illuminate the corner of their room
  • First of all, you’ll need an elegant floor lamp like the Hand Carved Floor Lamp from The Baby Cot Shop. You’ll love how this baby room light puts different objects around it in the spotlight, creating shadows around wall art and accentuating curved furniture like the Russel Swivel Armchair (which doubles up as a comfy nursing chair). It also comes in five stunning finishes for you to choose from – Antique White, Antique White and Pale Gold, Antique White and Aged Silver, Antique White and Pink and Antique White and Light Blue. 

  • Opt for an LED wall light for a bright shine
  • Add some fun thanks to the Diplodocus Lamp and Unicorn Light LED lights for room lighting. These dimmable LED lights can be placed on their wall to brighten up the space and trust us, you’ll notice the sparkly, colourful creatures as soon as you walk into their room. The perfect gifts for your little prince or princess, they’ll love getting to know their new favourite wall light creature. Wondering where to put LED lights in your room? Position these above their changing unit to distract your baby whilst nappy changing. 

  • Add a cosy glow with a bedside table lamp
  • Whether it’s for storytime on a rocking chair or while your tot is reading a book in bed, the Papillon Table Lamp gently illuminates their cosy space. This traditional light is made in Italy and we’ve got to say, the details are beautiful – especially the sweet butterflies carved out of wood on the structure. Perch this on their bedside table so that it’s in easy reach whenever you need it. It doesn’t even need to be switched on to look stunning.   

  • Create a soft glow via a nightlight
  • Nightlights give baby nurseries a magical feel and the Cottage Nightlight from The Baby Cot Shop is no exception. Handmade in England, this baby room light is painted in soft pastel colours and sweet designs. Switch it on and watch as it transforms into a gorgeously lit cottage, emitting a soft light that gives your little one reassurance during wind down time or as they fall asleep. The best part? It can be personalised with your child’s name painted on it. What could be more special than that? 

  • Pick hanging pendant lights for a sweet lighting design 
  • For an extra lighting dimension, we recommend choosing a nursery ceiling light in the form of a hanging pendant. The Hot Air Balloon Pendant Light is a sweet, whimsical hot air balloon light that creates a fairytale feel in your little one’s nursery, filling them with awe and excitement everytime they see it. This unique design comes in pink or blue, so it’s perfect for unisex, gender-specific, traditional or modern nurseries.


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