How to Kit Out Baby's Nursery Sustainably

With sustainable lifestyles on the rise, it’s no wonder us mums are making it more of a priority. So if you’re kitting out your little munchkin’s nursery and want to keep things eco-friendly, here’s what you need to know…  
Choose organic 
Sustainable Swaddle When designing an environmentally-friendly nursery, organic materials are essential. How come? Organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides (which can damage ecosystems) and uses less water than conventional methods. So if you’re ready to become more sustainable, opt for an organic cot bed mattress like this made from natural fibre and absolutely no harsh chemicals. Additionally, experience the softness of 100% organic cotton for yourself with the Hot Air Balloon Swaddle by Atelier Choux – perfect for swaddling baby in or using for tummy time. 
Look out for non-toxic finishes
Personalised Luxury Cot Bed We’re proud to say that our premium furniture at The Baby Cot Shop is handcrafted with the finest wood and finished with non-toxic paint. As solvent-based paint releases toxic fumes that contribute to global warming, choosing our furniture is healthier for the environment and your baby. Take a look at the hand-painted Personalised Modern Changing Unit For Girls, which can be customised to your nursery style with the sweetest motifs, such as pineapples, puppies and palm trees.    
Use an LED light 
Cottage light Did you know that using an LED light is more sustainable than your main nursery light switch? Yes, when you don’t need all the lights on, check out the adorable Cottage Nightlight. Designed to be 80% more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs, this one’s a sustainable choice if you want to create a gentle glow in their charming little hub. This truly adds a touch of magic to their nursery.   
Opt for dual-purpose furniture
Chelsea Cot Fact: the less we consume, the better it is for the environment. That’s why we’re big fans of buying multi-purpose furniture (which saves you an extra shopping trip, too). Our top practical furniture buy? A cot bed like the Chelsea Cot Bed which grows with your child, taking them from infant to toddler age (thanks to the super-practical removable side rails).  This year, 15% of sales of the Chelsea Cot Bed will be donated to Fertility Network UK  - a life-changing small charity providing free practical and emotional support to people affected by fertility issues.   
Try bamboo blankets
Sustainable blanket Why does bamboo belong in your little one’s nursery? Well, the plant is organically grown without fertiliser and replenishes itself quickly, making it a naturally sustainable source. The Ivory Baby Blanket made from bamboo is just the thing to keep your little bundle warm and snuggly, whether they’re in the pram or napping at home. Treat your baby to bamboo for a guilt-free nursery buy.     
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