How to Keep Your Baby and Their Nursery Cool in The Heat

It’s officially summer 2021. Hooray! Whilst you enjoy the balmy days, it’s important to ensure your baby stays cool (always check the back of their neck, head and stomach to assess their temperature). Introducing The Baby Cot Shop’s guide to keeping your little one and their sleeping environment cool this summer…
                            To keep your baby’s nursery cool in the evenings, follow this checklist in the day. 
  • Open windows:

This prevents the room from overheating when the sun is shining directly through. Plus, it allows for an efficient air flow.
  • Close curtains and blinds:

Not only will this block out sunlight, but it also keeps their nursery cool, ready for them to sleep in at night.
  • Put the fan on:

This helps to circulate air in hot, stuffy rooms.
Looking for bespoke, elegant curtains or blinds for your darling’s nursery? We’re loving the made to measure, exotic Happy Dreams Tropical Fabric to add a touch of adventure to their room. Featuring parrots, flamingos and palm leaves, it’ll make you smile every time you walk into the nursery.    
LONDON GREY COOL HOODED TOWEL & MITT SET   Another way of keeping your baby cool before bedtime is running them a tepid bath. Ensure the temperature is slightly cooler than you usually have it, but be mindful that it should never feel cold.  To wash and interact with your little one during bath time, opt for the London Grey Hooded Towel & Mitt Set. Get ready to pamper them with the ultra-soft mitt, which allows you to gently wash them as they relax in the tub. Follow this by wrapping baby in the cosy hooded towel, made from the most delicate material for sensitive skin.   
Cool bodysuit   In summer, keep an eye on the nursery’s temperature to assess what baby should be wearing to sleep. As a general rule, if their room is between 24°C -27°C, it’s advised that your little one wears a cool short-sleeved vest with a 0.5 tog sleeping bag. Seeking a chic, unisex vest for warm nights? Pick the adorable Short Sleeve Bodysuit with Fish Embroidery. Perfect for daytime wear too, this is a top summer pick.   
Summer Sleep Routines: The Do’s And Don’ts
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