How to Choose the Right First Bed for Your Little Dreamer!

Is your little one ready for their own B-E-D? We know this can be one of the biggest transitions yet – and that includes for mums too (after all, it feels like yesterday that they were snuggled in your arms)! As a general rule, your little one can start sleeping in their own bed anytime between 12 months and 4 years old. Follow this guide to choose the best suited, most luxurious bed for your mini-me…  
Safety first
PAPILLON Little TODDLER BED When it comes to kids beds, the frame should always be wooden and sturdy. At The Baby Cot Shop, our premium beds are handcrafted with the highest-quality wood (such as solid beechwood and birch) and painted in child-safe paint, so expect top-notch toddler options. We’d recommend choosing a bed with side panels to prevent your little one from rolling out, like the Papillon Toddler Bed with its beautiful cloud-inspired sides.   
Choose an evergreen style
Personalised Bed-The-Baby-Cot-Shop Pick a charming bed with a timeless feel. Why? It won’t go out of fashion, it’s a long-term purchase and it will always be the centrepiece of their room. We love the Personalised Modern Bed For Girls and little Boys for a truly bespoke, evergreen option – you can even opt for a fun motif and your child’s name painted on. Just gorgeous!  
Think about practicality
Luxury Hot Air Balloon Little Bed   Your little dreamer’s bed should also be a mum must-have. We’re talking about a practical piece of furniture that makes mums lives easier. Ask yourself these questions to decide whether their bed is a practical purchase: Does it feature storage space? Is it easy for me to put them into the bed? Does it fit the size of their room? Our top practical bed of the moment is the enchanting Fantasy Hot Air Balloon Bed, which includes a base of storage drawers, so you can always keep their toys and bed-time essentials close by.   
Longevity is key 
Little CASTLE BUNK BED   All mums love cleverly designed beds that’ll come in useful as they grow up. Whether it’s a playtime den underneath as seen in the High Sleeper Play Bed or inbuilt shelves to store their reading books, courtesy of the Notte Fatata Castle Bunk Bed, it’s a healthy habit to think long-term. Trust us, you’ll be in awe at these smart bed solutions.    
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