Half Term Essentials for Baby's First Holiday

Your baby’s first holiday is both daunting and exciting! With half term on the horizon, here are the essentials you’ll want to pack, whether you’re escaping to somewhere exotic or enjoying a well-earned countryside staycation… 
HOLIDAY TYPE: Beach retreat 
HOLIDAY TYPE: Beach retreat
MUM MUST-HAVE: Bedtime Huggie Giraffe 
Mum hack alert! If you’re jetting off somewhere luxurious and looking to set up playtime at the beach, here’s how to do it. Grab the two-in-one Bedtime Huggie Giraffe, lay the mat down on the sand (under an umbrella for shade) and hand them the plush, cuddly toy. As the name suggests, it’s also the perfect pick for toddlers in new cots – allow them to snuggle the giraffe at night to feel reassured in their new room. The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: If you’re jetting off to warmer climes and plan on having a well-earned break, you may have to relax your routine times slightly. After all, you’re on holiday! Look out for baby’s sleeping cues and when they’re ready to have a nap, pop them in the buggy or take them back to the room.   
HOLIDAY TYPE: City break
HOLIDAY TYPE: City break
MUM MUST-HAVE: Louise Changing Bag
Going on a city break means you’ll want to stay organised as you explore your surroundings. Cue the Louise Changing Bag, which apart from looking extremely elegant and stylish, is the most practical, fuss-free bag any mum could wish for. Our favourite elements include the handy folded changing mat (trust us, it’s a saviour when you’re out and about), its two handles that attach to your buggy and the water-repellent fabric. This was literally made for mums. The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: City breaks can be incredibly exciting and stimulating for your little one. After all, they’ll be consuming energy by seeing new colours, inhaling different smells and experiencing many places. It’s definitely handy to bring some familiar toys and blankets along so whilst you’re on-the-go they feel soothed and comforted.   
HOLIDAY TYPE: Staycation
Holiday: Staycation
MUM MUST-HAVE: London Grey Bunny Blankie
If you’re setting off on a staycation this half term, pack the London Grey Bunny Blankie. Even though your baby will be in a new environment, they’ll recognise this symbol of home and security, thanks to its unique texture and smell. We suggest buying this a few weeks before your trip to get them used to it at home. Get it personalised with your little one’s name or initials on – the perfect keepsake item you’ll treasure forever.  The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: No time difference means less fuss – yay! However, your baby might find it challenging to settle in a new cot, room and surroundings. As well as a comforter, bring your own cot sheet so it smells of home – we suggest calling your accommodation in advance to check the mattress size so you can plan accordingly.   
MUM MUST-HAVE: BlueRabbit Rattle 
Constantly researching distraction ideas for long car journeys? Here’s one from us. A rattle! The Blue Rabbit Rattle will keep them inquisitive and focused, thanks to the bunny’s stripey detail, floppy ears and interesting noise. Shaking, chewing or just playing with it keeps them relaxed and having fun in transit. Plus, when you get to your road trip destinations, it provides heaps of fun as a playtime toy.  The Baby Cot Shop’s top tip: Warning: your baby may not always be the biggest fan of car journeys. And sometimes singing their favourite songs at the top of your lungs doesn’t cut it. Before you venture onto the next leg of your road trip, make sure you’ve checked their nappy, scheduled when they’ll need their next feed and mapped out where you may have to stop on route!  
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