Five bedroom changes that can actually reduce nightmares in children

Newsflash: bedroom furniture can provoke nightmares in little ones. With the average primary school-aged child waking up two times a night due to nightmares, we’re here to show you how to create a calm room that doesn’t trigger nightmares – and you might be surprised to see what can cause them.  Read on for the bedroom ideas that minimise nightmares and offer your sweetheart the most comforting sleep…

Swap out: Curtains

Put in: Blinds 

Ever wonder what causes nightmares? Your child’s bedroom setting can have a huge impact. It's no wonder hanging curtains are one of the main culprits for nightmares, sparking scary thoughts as they tower over your little one’s bed (which can look like a scary tall figure in their room at night). That’s why opting for neat blinds can reduce frightening thoughts that lead to nightmares. Want a peaceful fabric to create your bespoke blinds? Look to the Oiseaux Fabric by Casadeco, that displays branches, blossoms and birds for a delightfully calm, unisex design. 

Swap out: Low bed

Put in: High bed

Did you know around one in six children are afraid of monsters under their bed? That’s right, Silentnight recently revealed that 17% of children are worried about what could be lurking under their bed as they sleep. To avoid constant nightmares, you’ll want to take note of our bedroom furniture ideas, like the height of their bed. For example, instead of a bed with a large space underneath, they may feel more protected on a bunk bed or high bed. We have the perfect pick, the Play Bed High Sleeper, that merges a playtime spot with a sleeping hub, allowing your child to transform the bottom into whatever they please, from a reading corner to a make-believe ship.


Play Bed (High sleeper) | The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea


Swap out: Square furniture

Put in: Curved furniture

Who knew bedroom furniture design could impact your little one’s sleep. Well, it’s known that sharp, straight furniture edges, especially ones pointing in the direction of their bed, can make children feel anxious in the lead up to sleep. And throughout the night, peeping at these can give off negative energy and contribute to nightmares. Ready to give them the most restful night's sleep? Cue curved furniture, the nursery and bedroom trend we’re loving. Not only is it contemporary and Pinterest-worthy, but soft, curved pieces also help create a relaxing, comforting aesthetic. Enter the curved Mansfield Swivel Armchair, a top pick for new parents who want to feed in style with superior support. Bonus, it won’t give off any scary feelings in the middle of the night either.  

Mansfield Swivel Armchair | The Baby Cot Shop


Swap out: Pitch black 

Put in: Gentle lamp

The key to your child feeling safe in their bedroom is making it cosy and calm. An easy way to do it? Via a lamp that gently glows. They’ll love having this on when they’re getting ready for bed or as they doze off to protect and comfort. The Cottage Nightlight is here to reduce nightmares and scary thoughts, thanks to its sweet cottage design and soft glow through its windows. Peaceful and adorable, this light might just be the key to creating a serene space. 

Unicorn Light

Swap out: Toys in sight 

Put in: Toy box

If your little one is having nightmares every night, try this hack – move all of their toys out of sight before bedtime. A messy room with toys scattered everywhere can trigger nightmares in children because they can be perceived as scary creatures at night. Keep all their cuddly creatures in one place with the Personalised Toy Box – that way they can learn to tidy up at the end of the day and they won’t get scared of toys at night. With hand-painted artwork and a colour finish of your choice, you can completely match this toy box to their room style. 


Punkin Personalised Toy Box

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