Fabrics 101: Everything you need to know about the most elegant nursery fabrics

Why are fabrics so important? A nursery fabric gently creates the aesthetic and character of a room, whilst complimenting your chosen nursery theme. And if you’re wondering which baby shops near me sell the most elegant pieces designed from charming fabrics, you’ve come to the right place. From a silk canopy to a velvet armchair, here’s the lowdown on the most luxurious nursery fabrics to dress their room in…


The first thing you need to know about velvet is it feels irresistibly soft when sitting on it. It’s a sleek, smooth fabric that evokes a glamorous, high-end look, adding drama and depth to nursery furniture.  So you’ll be happy to know that we’ve created the Salome Glider Chair – a chic velvet armchair that rocks and swivels for your everyday parenting needs, whilst boasting an overstuffed cushioned interior to ensure utmost comfort. This is your go-to for wind down time, improving pregnancy posture and storytime with your sweetheart. Whether you want a black velvet armchair or a more subtle blush hue, this is always a statement piece in a baby nursery. 

Salome Nursery Glider

Organic cotton

Enjoy living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Organic cotton is kind to the environment and planet. How? When cotton is produced organically, the soil remains fertile for future crops to grow, there are less fertilisers involved and significantly less energy and water is used. What’s more, organic cotton is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, making it an ideal nursery fabric for newborn babies to wear or lie on. That’s why buying the Friend and Family Tree Swaddle by Atelier Choux is a no-brainer, the 100% certified organic cotton swaddle embellished with a delightful tree design. It’s the perfect everyday essential for when you’re out and about, whether you use it as a swaddle, breastfeeding cover, tummy time blanket or as one of your travel cot sheets

Friend and Family Tree Swaddle by Atelier Choux



You know when something is silk because, well, you won’t be able to stop touching it. There’s no feeling quite like a silky soft garment or furnishing. Fun fact: silk is actually one of the strongest fabrics out there, giving it great quality and longevity around little ones. We love that silk materials give off a unique shine for a regal, luxurious feel. But as it’s an eye-catching fabric, you won’t want to overdo it with silk in their nursery – remember a little goes a long way. Want a subtle silk furnishing in their room? Choose the Grace Rose Collection Canopy made from voile silk (a sheer, lightweight version of the fabric) that droops elegantly over their cot, bed, reading nook or playtime corner. 

Grace Rose Collection Canopy



Linen co-ord sets and garments are all the rage right now – and the same goes for nursery interiors. That’s right, linen materials in their nursery are trending and it’s easy to see why. Linen is made from the flax plant and most commonly used for bedding as it’s extremely comfortable to rest on and dries quickly. Additionally, it appears smart and timeless – you can’t go wrong with linen no matter what their nursery theme is, what gender your baby is or which colour scheme you’ve gone with. Enter the Willow Collection Set, a pre-washed linen range featuring six essentials that give you the less is more vibe. Included in the set are a Full Bumper, Duvet Cover and Decorative Cushion, elegantly embroidered with an intricate Samuel & Sons trim. 

Willow Collection Full Bumper 

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