Elegant Touches all Baby Nurseries Need

Small, chic details and decor give every nursery a magical touch. This can range from exquisite furniture embellishments and intricate wallpaper designs to linen embroidery and gold accents. The possibilities are endless, so let your journey begin with these elegant picks from The Baby Cot Shop.  

A Dreamy Canopy

Seeking princess vibes for your little one’s snuggly setting? Choose a canopy like the Grace Rose Collection Canopy. This gorgeous dangling drape creates a fairytale feel, whilst the sandy pink fabric is what all girly girls need. It shouldn’t be limited to their cot or bed either - a canopy is a winner when it comes to a den or reading space cover.   

Traditional Elegant Wallpaper

traditional wallpaper There’s no denying it - wallpaper can truly transform a nursery. And when you opt for a timeless design, such as the Beatrix Potter Wallpaper or L’Envol Wallpaper – Ciel, you can rest assured that your sweetheart’s room will never go out of fashion. For maximum impact, apply the wallpaper on the feature wall by the cot, then paint the surrounding walls with a complimenting colour.   

Handcrafted Gold Drawer Handles

elegant handcrafted gold drawer handles There are elegant nursery touches and then there’s the Notte Fatata Changing Unit. This changing table features integrated drawers with luxe gold handles, expertly handcrafted in Italy. Um, yes please! You’ll love how each drawer handle is unique – you’ve got a teddy bear, butterfly, rose, dolphin, star and horse. Absolutely delightful.   

A Plush Swivel Armchair

russel luxury armchair For the most lavish addition to their cosy cocoon, look no further than a standout armchair. When you snag the Russel Swivel Armchair, you’ll get top-notch luxury – and can we just talk about its ultra-modern golden brass base? One look and you’ll be starry-eyed. If you need any more convincing, it swivels 360 degrees, making it super practical when feeding your little darling.   

Pretty Luxurious Frilled Cushions

luxury GRACE COLLECTION Who doesn’t love a sweet pink cushion to jazz up a nursery? We’re talking about the exclusive Grace Rose Pillow, which is the most adorable asset to every child’s room. Whilst it’s ideal for dressing up baby’s cot in the day, mums also love it for back support when feeding, reading and bonding on their favourite armchair. What’s more, it can be made as a bespoke order with your little one’s name or initials sewn on. The perfect treat or gift!



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