Crib vs Cot: Everything You Need to Know


Baby furniture and its different terminologies can be confusing! After all, there are so many options on the market nowadays. The big question is, should you go for a crib, cot or cot bed? To save you the research, here’s everything you need in one place. 



A crib is a small, cozy sleeping space designed specifically for newborns up until around 6 months old. Cribs come in compact styles meant to fit right in your bedroom, allowing you to have your baby nearby for easy feeding, comforting, and monitoring. For many families, especially those short on bedroom space, a crib provides the perfect snug sleeping nook for a newborn's first months. Besides, many parents choose to have their baby's sleeping quarters right in their bedroom for easy accessibility. This makes cribs an ultra-convenient option from day one. 

Cribs come in a variety of styles to suit different needs:

  • Bedside Cribs: Allowing you to co-sleep safely, these attach directly to your bed like a secure side-car, letting you easily reach over for feeding, soothing or monitoring.
  • Round Cribs: The curved rounded shape creates a nurturing, womb-like feeling that can comfort fussy babies.
  • Rocking Cribs: Gentle back-and-forth rocking motions mimic the swaying movements babies felt in the womb to lull them to sleep.
  • Travel Cribs: Lightweight, portable models allow you to easily move crib spaces between rooms or take them on trips.

While cribs provide that ultra-close bonding experience, they do have a short usable lifespan. As your little one becomes more mobile around 6 months, rolling, sitting up and pulling themselves to stand, they'll quickly outgrow the small, confined crib space. This makes cribs a short-term investment.

Cribs From The Baby Cot Shop

  • Ivy Rose Luxury Crib: A statement piece of furniture with a fairy tale vibe, we recommend starting your baby's sleeps, naps and chill out time in this baby crib for the most incredible memories. Oozing grace and charm, the Ivy Rose Luxury Crib is artfully designed in blush pink cotton, soft blush pink voile and finished with a statement couture bow, which stands out from afar. The cushioned interior promises to keep your little bundle cosy and compact – just what they need to feel secure as they doze off to sleep. The Ivy Rose Crib comes a quilt, pillow and fitted sheet (The quilt and pillow are decorative pieces).



  • Brett Canopy Crib: Seeing as your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first six months, this luxury baby crib is a perfect next-to-me choice. Made from fine quality wicker and dressed in fine cotton, the Brett Canopy Crib is designed to keep your baby safe and snug. When used in the nursery, the Brett Canopy Crib will make your nursery look elegant, especially with the drape that gives the crib a classic touch. This adorable newborn baby crib comes fully dressed as shown, including a mattress, fitted sheet, and linens. It is made to European safety standards and the fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified.



If the idea of such a condensed crib timeline sounds impractical for your family's needs, you may find more longevity with a basic cot. A standard cot is your basic baby bed style made for longer use than a crib. These standard cots give you ample mileage, accommodating most infants through the entire first year and up until around 24 months old. Cots are longer and wider than cribs while still maintaining short side rails to keep baby securely contained. They take up a bit more nursery floor space, but are still relatively compact. They allow more room for wiggling and rolling without impeding on safety. Once mobility kicks in, the open cot structure simply gives more exploratory space compared to the crib's miniature size. For parents who may want siblings relatively close in age, a cot can work well to seamlessly swap out between kids.

One potential downside is that cots don't convert into toddler beds down the road. So while you get more use than a crib in the beginning, you'll eventually need to upgrade to a new larger bed setup once your toddler outgrows the cot.



If you want one piece of nursery furniture to truly last, your best option is investing in a convertible cot bed. These essentially grow along with your child through multiple stages. In its initial setup, a convertible cot bed functions just like a standard cot with raised side rails to keep your baby safe and secure. But as your child becomes a toddler and eventually a preschooler, you can remove one side rail, then both side rails, converting it from a contained cot into an open bed for little kids. Some high-quality cot beds can even work until the early elementary years! Thi converts-to-bed ability gives you unbeatable longevity and value compared to cribs and cots. Many families find cot beds are well worth the higher initial investment to avoid having to purchase multiple beds as baby grows. The main potential drawback is size. Cot beds take up more nursery floor space than cribs or cots, especially once converted to their full bed mode. In smaller nurseries, they may not be the best fit.

 Cot Beds From The Baby Cot Shop

  • Juliet Cot Bed: The Juliet Cot Bed is a beautifully handcrafted cot made from the finest beechwood. All details are hand-carved by Italian craftsmen with years of experience. The cot converts to a bed that will be used well into your child's elementary years. Choose from a variety of paint finishes and an even wider choice of fabric options, so that the cot works with the design of your baby’s space. This luxurious cot is designed for comfort, safety, and style.

  • Chelsea Cot Bed: If simple elegance is your preference, you will love the Chelsea Luxury Cot Bed. Named after the stunning London area The Baby Cot Shop HQ and showroom is located in, the Chelsea Cot bed is immaculately crafted in the finest beech wood with elegantly sculpted legs and gentle curves, and merges traditional and modern to suit every nursery. The floral decoration on the curve and side bar simply adds to its elegance. Whatever nursery theme or colour palette you’re going for, the Chelsea Cot Bed can be personalised to your style. It has removable side rails and can be converted into a child’s first bed.


Factors to Consider In Choosing Your Nursery Bed Style

So, which nursery bed style is right for your family? Here are some key factors to weigh:

  • Nursery Size: If space is extremely limited, you may be stuck with a crib or cot. Those with more room can likely fit a convertible cot bed.
  • Budget: Cribs and cots are most affordable upfront, but you'll eventually need to buy new beds. Cot beds are pricier but longer-lasting.
  • Time in Parents' Room: Some parents want their baby close for many months, in which case a bedside/room-sharing crib works well. If baby transitions to the nursery sooner, a cot or cot bed may be better.
  • Growth Expectations: A bigger or tall baby may outgrow a crib very quickly and want the extra space a cot or cot bed allows.
  • Convenience: Cot beds only need one purchase, while separate cribs/cots and toddler beds require two transitions.


Crib vs Cot: The Lowdown

The good news is your baby can sleep in a crib or cot from birth. It is advisable that for the first 6 months, your baby sleeps in the same room as you. This allows you to be close by for feeding and cuddling. Our top tip? Look at the space in your room and your baby’s nursery. If you have a large setting, a cot bed is a great investment for the future, whilst if you want a special bonding sleeping arrangement, a crib is a no-brainer. Whichever one you choose, safe sleeping requirements are vital for your newborn. Be diligent about following all safety guidelines for setting up and using baby beds. Ensure the mattress fits tightly, no loose toys/bedding, and always place your baby on their back for sleep and feet first at the bottom of the cot so they don't wriggle down.

With some research into your specific needs and nursery setup, you'll be able to find the perfect first bed that accommodates your newborn's safety, your space constraints and your family's lifestyle.


P.S.: Be sure to get the very best of baby furniture for your baby by browsing through our cribs and cots collection. With the top-quality offerings curated just for you, you'll be glad you did.

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