Countryside vs City Baby Nursery: How To Decorate Their Special Space Wherever You Live

Whether you reside in a countryside cottage or penthouse in the city, we have the expertise you need to create baby’s perfect sleeping space. Ready for some luxury nursery inspo? Your project starts now, wherever you live…

Countryside Nursery

Our expert advice:

We love countryside cottages and the décor that comes with it. So when designing a rural nursery, think cottage core – the trend that’s everywhere right now. It’s all about that cosy feeling of being in a cottage (with typical features like wooden panelling, a fireplace and thatched roof.) In their snuggly setting, choose wooden furniture, whimsical wallpaper, classic room accessories (like a rocking horse, rocking chair or night lamp) and wall art or fabrics with patterns featuring florals, wildlife and nature. Don’t fret, even if you don’t live in the countryside, you can still give it a rustic refresh.  

Nursery themes to consider: 

Floral, maximalist, wildlife or botanical 

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

Rolling hills and blooming flowers are the ultimate countryside wallpaper choice.

The 2022 version of a rocking horse is a rocking lamb, which is the perfect playtime accessory for a countryside nursery.  

Inject a summery feel into their nursery with this uplifting picture. You’ll certainly smile every time you walk into their room. 

Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop! The perfect base to play, learn and explore on, from tummy time to toddler days. 

A statement rocking chair in a countryside baby nursery is a must-have. This is one of those timeless buys that will never go out of style, making reading, feeding and snuggling even more comfortable. 

City Nursery

Our expert advice:

Your city nursery should feel super-luxurious with a touch of glam. An inner city nursery may have views overlooking a local square, lush gardens or skyscrapers, so you want it to evoke an equally deluxe feel. For the décor, think either neutral hues, monochrome patterns or dramatic tones that automatically give the space a modern, contemporary makeover. You can totally get away with an understated elegance vibe, incorporating gold embellishments and royal or fairy-tale style designs. 

You may also want to give the curve trend a go, which is perfect for compact spaces. Incorporating curves adds a sense of movement and flow to baby nurseries, giving features a puffy, bouncy aesthetic that looks calming and adorable. And it’s so easily done – you’ve mostly likely opted for curved décor before without even knowing it! 

Nursery themes to consider:

Regal, monochrome, woodland or boho

Top buys from The Baby Cot Shop:

The crème de la crème of royal baby cots, inspired by the Bridgerton-esque décor trend. Looking for linen and accessories to match? Feast your eyes on the Willow Collection Set.

As the name suggests, this was made for city living. The blanket droops over their cot in the day and acts as a soft velour cover or comforter at night.  

Made for chic city nurseries, this can be mounted onto your wall and attached to a dreamy canopy, allowing it to float over their cot. For furniture to match, check out the best-selling Balmoral Collection Set. 

Enchanting and elegant, this wallpaper will help inspire their playtime adventures whilst oozing calm and serenity.

Monochrome rugs are in right now and this one will fulfil all your city nursery needs. Parents love it for being super-stylish and the ideal size for babies and tots to play on. 

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