Choosing the Right Nursery Design Style


Preparing and decorating a nursery for your new baby is one of the most exciting rites of passage for new parents-to-be because a well-designed nursery sets the tone for your little one's first environment. But with so many nursery design styles and aesthetics to choose from, deciding on a direction can feel like an overwhelming task. From minimalist nursery design ideas to bohemian nursery design trends and gender-neutral nursery themes, the options are endless! Do you go trendy and chic, or cozy and classic? Coordination overwhelm is real when it comes to putting together a cohesive nursery look. That's why it's so important to have a defined vision and style in mind before hitting the baby stores. Knowing which nursery style truly resonates with you will help make all the decisions — from the key furniture pieces to the little decorative accents — so much easier. It keeps you focused and prevents going down a mismatched, thematic rabbit hole.

If you're struggling to narrow down which aesthetic to go for, this comprehensive guide to popular nursery design styles is for you. We're breaking down the inspiration, elements, and overall vibes behind different nursery themes into two main stylistic categories — traditional and contemporary — to help you discover which one best suits your space and taste! Ready?

For parents who love timeless, nostalgic design, traditional nursery styles provide a warm, comforting feel. These aesthetics channel vintage inspirations and classic sensibilities.

Classic Vintage Nursery
This aesthetic pays homage to old-world charm with a cozy, nostalgic ambiance. Floral prints, neutral hues, antique accents, and delicate craftsmanship are signatures of this timeless look.

Key Elements:

  • Carved wood crib and vintage-inspired furniture
  • Damask, toile, or rose floral patterns
  • Heirloom pieces and antique found objects
  • Plush upholstered gliders with ornate wood frames
  • Soft creams, whites, pastel colour schemes
  • Elegant drapery and delicate metallic details


Nature/Earthy Nursery
Celebrating the beauty of the natural world, this theme cultivates an organic, back-to-basics atmosphere. With warm wood tones, woven textures, and botanical accents, it fosters a cozy, peaceful environment.

Key Elements:

  • Cylindrical or carved wood furniture
  • Rattan, wicker hangings and wall decor
  • Floral, leaf, and forest creature motifs
  • Tree stump, log, and branch accent pieces
  • Shaggy, forest-inspired green and taupe colour palette
  • Hanging planters and potted greenery
  • Vintage-inspired botanical prints


Modern Farmhouse Nursery
Blending country inspirations with fresh, transitional style, the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is equal parts rustic and chic. A calming mix of distressed wood, crisp whites, and repurposed vintage elements create laid-back sophistication.

Key Elements:

  • Distressed wood furniture in white or natural finishes
  • Shiplap, beadboard, or barn door accent walls
  • Antique salvaged doors, windows, farm tools as decor
  • Plaid, striped, or ticking stripe prints
  • Wrought iron and galvanized metal accents
  • Cotton, linen, burlap textures and vintage floral prints
  • Repurposed, refinished storage pieces


For modern parents with an eye for current design trends, contemporary nursery themes make a bold stylistic statement. From sleek and minimalist to eclectic and glamorous, these aesthetics have a youthful, energetic vibe.

Modern Minimalist Nursery
With an emphasis on clean lines, simplicity, and practicality, this aesthetic achieves a sleek, uncluttered feel. Striking pops of color and geometric influences create a chic, upscale look.

Key Elements:

  • Mid-century modern and Scandinavian-inspired furniture
  • Solid wood, hairpin, or tapered furniture legs
  • White, gray, muted color schemes with vivid accent hues
  • Metallic and acrylic statement lighting
  • Open, wall-mounted shelving and bins
  • Minimal decor and angular, graphic art prints


Boho Chic Nursery
Making a unique statement with its layered, free-spirited feel, the Boho theme combines diverse global patterns, textures, and eye-catching embellishments. This eclectic look has major personality.

Key Elements:

  • Carved wood furniture with intricate details
  • Tapestry wall hangings and Moroccan poufs
  • Metallic touches like brass, beading, embroidery
  • Saturated jewel-toned color schemes
  • Woven rugs, baskets, and shaggy textured fabrics
  • Macrame and hanging planters
  • Curated gallery walls with worldly art and accessories


Luxe Glam Nursery
Why not cultivate a lavish, extravagant aesthetic for your little prince or princess? This opulent look incorporates rich velvety textures, metallic accents, and ornate furnishings.

Key Elements:


Whether you prefer the cozy nostalgia of traditional styles or the bold flair of contemporary looks, there's a nursery aesthetic to suit every design sensibility. The most important factor is cultivating a nurturing first environment that sparks joy and reflects your family's personality.

P.S.: If you're unsure which nursery design style best suits your baby's nursery, or you simply need expert guidance for a much better result, our interior design service is made especially for you! Our team of seasoned designers will work with you to create the nursery of your dreams for your little one, utilising your existing ideas or taking on the entire project to manage and produce the nursery you desire. Visit our showroom at 408 King's Road, London, SW10 0LJ for real time consultation with our experts. Our virtual concierge service also gives you access to a dedicated sales expert exclusive only to you, who will assist you with your decor purchases regardless of your location! 

Now, you have all the information you need to choose an impressive design style for your baby's nursery. Have fun making the space as special as that bundle of love it was created for.

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