Back to school: Nursery essentials that keep preschoolers learning at home


After a magical Christmas break, it’s time to get back into a routine! Whether you are a full-time mama or your little darling is at nursery, you can use their nursery or bedroom as a teaching hub and inspire them throughout their childhood. Not sure where to start? These educational baby nursery décor, furniture and children’s animal toys can promote learning, help concentration and spark their creativity. Read on to discover more… 

Classic Table and Chairs by Savio Firmino

Now, here’s a furniture set that’ll last them years and years. You’ll love that the stylish table boasts a chalkboard surface – the perfect base for them to draw, create and let their imagination run free on. And when they’re needing to read and do their homework, sit them here too. Top tip: Cover the table with a tablecloth and move it to their playroom for a fuss-free eating surface. It’s everything you need in one set – nifty and premium.  



Little Me Book

Never underestimate the power of reading to your little darling. Even if they’re not able to read or have a conversation with you yet, hearing you read boosts their confidence, helps them relax, familiarises them with vocabulary and improves imagination. Start with the Little Me Book, which takes you on an adventure with a sweet little bunny through gardens and ponds, meeting different animals along the way. Sit with your child during the day and at bedtime to read, pointing out parts of the book and encouraging conversation. 

Animal Alphabet Framed Print and Numbers Watercolour Print 

Not just pretty baby nursery décor for their wall, these wall art pieces can actually educate your little ones. Cue the alphabet and numbers framed prints from The Baby Cot Shop, which helps teach counting and language skills (and the more they see it, the more they’ll remember it). The benefits of placing these in their nursery, especially at a suitable eye-line level, is that it helps them absorb the information, even without them knowing. Make sure you encourage counting and saying the alphabet by pointing to each number and letter when you do it. 

Blue Nature Rug

A gorgeous, 100% cotton rug for their nursery? Yes please! The Blue Nature Rug is the ideal base for playing, tummy time, relaxing and having quality time as a family. The fun doesn’t stop there – you’ll love the 12 picture designs, which include the moon, an owl and trees. When your little one starts saying words, this is a great rug to teach and repeat words on by simply pointing to each square. Interestingly, young children learn through images as they’re processed faster than words (90% of information we receive is actually visual) and by talking about one image, you can spark different conversations and make new connections and comparisons. What’s more, this vibrant blue rug is just the hue to match your other nursery decorations and style.

Bailey Sloth and Bashful Snow Tiger toy

Introducing the most delightful children’s animal toys in their nursery. These two toys will quickly become their favourite furry friends – Bailey the Sloth gives the best cuddles, whilst the Bashful Snow Tiger will take them on countless adventures. Encourage them to learn about these creatures from faraway lands when they’re playing with them (especially as they’re not native to the UK). You can do this by telling them interesting facts and asking them Did you know? questions. We’ve got two here for you: Did you know sloths swim three times faster than they do walking on land? And did you know white tiger fur can actually grow darker in colder temperatures? Children’s animal toys made fascinating!

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