7 Essentials From The Baby Cot Shop That Can Really Improve Your Little One's Sleep


When it comes to bedtime, we’re all for products that help lull your child into a peaceful slumber and keep them comforted throughout the night. So at The Baby Cot Shop, we recommend parents opt for these premium night time picks, which create warmth, happiness and a sense of security (the perfect equation for a restful night’s sleep). Meet your little darling’s sleep saviours here…


1. Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie

So much more than an adorable bunny toy, the Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie is also a bedtime comforter for babies and toddlers. Helping your little ones feel secure, whether they’re in their own cot or away, it’ll always feel familiar to them when they cuddle this – ensuring they get the best sleep possible (and that counts for you too). Wake ups during the night? Introducing this comforter can actually help them get back into the land of nod. With its beautiful gold bow, it’s perfect for every little prince or princess. Plus, it can be personalised with their name or initials on, how special?

2. Classic Collection Full Bumper

Creating a cushioned cocoon around your baby, this elegant bumper means they won’t knock themselves when they’re rolling around in their sleep. It works its magic by preventing them from waking up, so it scores highly in our opinion. With its elegant ivory satin, black piping, white roses and tuxedo-style bows, this adds a certain charm and comfort into their nursery. You’ll be thanking this bumper for your baby sleeping so well, trust us.



3. White Elephant Lamp

Use this sweet lamp during wind down time for snuggles, bonding or reading. The calmer the atmosphere, the quicker your little one will doze off, so reach for the White Elephant Lamp to instantly help them relax. The night light was designed to help children fall asleep peacefully, thanks to the soft, veiled gleam, so if they prefer a little light on to get to sleep, this is a winner. During the day, the elephant also makes a beautiful decorative ornament in their nursery.



4. Organic Baby Mattress 

When searching for a mattress, it’s worth investing in one that’s of top-notch quality whilst providing them with optimum comfort. How a mattress is created impacts the position they may prefer to sleep in – you want it to be fully supportive, firm and full of breathable materials. Cue the Organic Baby Mattress, a pocket spring mattress featuring handmade natural fibres. Boasting breathable and self-ventilating materials, it prevents children from overheating and provides a long-lasting solution that grows with your child. 


5. Wingback Nursery Glider 

Once you sit on the best-selling Wingback Nursery Glider, you’ll realise why it’s loved by parents. Sit on it with your baby for snuggling, feeding or reading before bed and watch as they unwind to the gentle rocking motion. Did you know that repetitive rocking motions can synchronise the brain, which actually helps improve their sleep quality? Also worth mentioning – it’s designed with an ultra-cushioned fabric, wide arm rests and firm back support, making it incredibly comfy for you to sit on.  Warning: it’s so calming that you may doze off as well.




6. Hot Air Balloon Swaddle By Atelier Choux

Tried swaddling? It’s the nifty, natural way to make your baby feel snug and improve their sleep. Why? Swaddling your baby replicates the environment of the womb, helping them feel secure and making them less likely to wake up spontaneously in the night. Here’s how to do it with the luxurious Hot Air Balloon Swaddle By Atelier Choux: lay down your swaddling blanket in a diamond shape, perch baby on top,  put baby’s right arm by their side and wrap blanket over the arm and across to the left. Then, tucking the blanket underneath their left side, do the same with the left side across to the right. You want it to be firm and snug, but of course not too tight.



7. Grace Rose Collection Duvet Cover

If your little one is over a year old, you can opt for a duvet in their cot at night. The benefits? It keeps them warm in winter and gives them something to associate with bedtime. They’ll love snuggling up with their duvet throughout the night – who doesn’t? Meet the Grace Rose Collection Duvet Coverfor those little princesses that love all things pink. You can’t help but love the sandy pink and dusty rose colours, complete with sweet ivory frills, which blend in with any elegant nursery interior. Divine!


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