5 Must-Have Nursery Essentials For New Parents


From choosing a cot to selecting furniture, setting up a nursery is quite the thing. With so many products on the market, it can be confusing trying to decide what your baby's nursery must have. You don't have to worry anymore as we've got you covered with this guide to nursery essentials. We've put together a list of 5 of the most essential nursery pieces, as well as recommendations on the best ones to get. It's just what you need to get started on setting up your nursery right.


A Safe, Sturdy Cot

You'll quickly realise babies spend the majority of their time snoozing, so ensuring your baby has a comfy, secure spot to sleep is priority number one. When it comes to choosing a cot, prioritise safety and durability above all else. Opt for a stationary cot made from solid wood with a firm, flat mattress fitting snugly inside. Adjustable mattress heights are ideal as they allow you to lower the base as your baby starts sitting and pulling themselves up.

While aesthetics are important, avoid cots with decorative cut-out designs, posts or finials that could potentially catch on clothing and cause strangulation. The fitment between the mattress and cot frame is also crucial – you should not be able to squeeze more than one finger into any gaps where a baby could get stuck. Find out what makes the perfect cot here.


If simple elegance is your preference, you will love the Chelsea Luxury Cot Bed. The Chelsea Cot bed is immaculately crafted in the finest beechwood with elegantly sculpted legs and gentle curves. The floral decoration on the curve and side bar simply adds to its elegance. Whatever nursery theme or colour palette you’re going for, it can be personalised to your style. It merges traditional and modern to suit every nursery. The Chelsea Cot Bed has removable side rails and can be converted into your child’s first bed.

Bespoke Stylish Cot Bed


Alternatively, we also recommend the Kensington Cot Bed. The Kensington Cot Bed marries chic and simple. It is immaculately designed with the finest beechwood, featuring slats on all four sides. You can even opt for a finish of your choice, from warm white to pure white, mushroom grey, light French grey, or cream. Or you could choose a shade that specifically matches your baby’s room. The Kensington Cot Bed is a winner regarding nursery storage as it also offers the option of a two-piece under-bed drawer.

 Kensington Cot Bed

Better still, you can make your pick from our curation of the best baby cots here.



Breathable Bedding

With your cot sorted, you should turn your attention to safe, comfortable bedding. To reduce the risk of overheating, opt for lightweight cellular blankets rather than thick duvets or quilts. Well-fitted cotton sheets are a must for surviving those inevitable late-night changes. At least three sheet sets will ensure you always have a fresh option on hand.

When selecting a mattress, foam or innerspring models specifically designed for infants provide the firm, supportive surface necessary for healthy bone and muscle development. Anything too soft or uneven heightens suffocation risks.

A waterproof mattress protector is an absolute essential for protecting against leaks and stains. Look for ones made with comfortable, breathable fabrics that can be easily laundered between 'accidents'. They are inexpensive yet invaluable for protecting against leaks and stains. You'll be so grateful for this extra layer.


You won't want to miss out on the comforting, cocooning feel of the Grace Rose Blanket. Crafted from a super-soft herringbone cotton material with an even softer velour inside, it is the perfect companion for cuddles, swaddles, and naptime. You can also choose from our collection of luxury baby blankets here.


We also recommend the Organic Baby Mattress. This organic mattress is handmade with natural fibre, including coconut coir, plant latex and lambswool. Covered in certified organic cotton, the mattress is breathable and self-ventilating to prevent overheating at nigh. Free of chemical exposure, the Organic Baby Mattress provides firm support, and is ideal for your newborn up until they are five.


You should pair your baby’s mattress with the organic waterproof mattress protector that will help keep the mattress clean and fresh. This mattress protector is made with two layers of soft, organic brushed cotton surrounding a breathable, waterproof PU layer. It is soft and silent so there are no crinkly sounds when your child moves.




A Comfortable Nursing Chair

As a new parent, you're going to spend countless hours feeding and soothing your newborn in the nursery. That's why a designated feeding area is ideal. And this is why a plush glider or rocking nursing chair is an absolute must for the nursery. A nursing or rocking chair with a supportive back, armrests and an ottoman for putting your feet up is perfect for keeping you and your baby comfortable through feeding sessions.

Positioning the chair relatively close to the cot allows you to easily scoop up your newborn when it's time to eat. A small side table placed beside the chair gives you a handy spot to keep feeding supplies like muslin cloths, nursing pads, snacks and beverages within easy reach.


Not only does the Madison Nursery Glider look opulent amongst your nursery furniture and decor, but it is also luxuriously soft and comfy. This spacious rocking chair with long armrests and a firm back fully supports you as you feed, bond, and read to your little one. We highly recommend for pregnant mums before they transition into a nursing chair. The Madison Glider allows you to sit in a comfortable position, helping you unwind and improve pregnancy posture. It is also a supportive base for any body aches. 

 Madison Nursery Glider

Not quite what you want? That's fine. Choose for yourself from our collection of the best nursing chairs here.



A Well-Stocked Changing Station  

You'll quickly lose count of the number of nappy changes each day, so having a fully-stocked changing station set up right from the start is absolutely vital. While some parents choose to use a designated changing table, many parents find a changing unit or dresser with a removable changing tray on top to be much more practical and space-efficient.

Whichever setup you choose, make sure the surface is uncluttered, easy to wipe clean and features plenty of storage space for all of the nappy changing essentials. Open shelving allows you to see supplies at a glance, while closed cabinets help hide any unsightly clutter. Including a few pull-out bins or baskets makes it easy to separate clean and dirty items. Don't forget to also include a laundry hamper nearby for stashing soiled clothing! A safety strap to secure your baby and prevent serious falls is also very vital.


The Cadogan Changing Unit, made from solid beechwood with stylishly carved legs and accented details, is all about adding tranquility to the nursery without sacrificing elegance. The changing chest comes in different finishes, and can be personalised to match the nursery’s colour scheme. The Cadogan Changing Unit comes as a 3-drawer unit. It is a top pick for mum practicality with its vast storage space, and is perfect for clothes, baby essentials and new mum toiletries. Highly recommended.


Variety is the spice of life, eh? Make your pick from our variety of changing units and dressers here.



Functional Storage Solutions

Between tiny outfits, blankets, towels and toys, you'll be amazed at how quickly clutter accumulates in the nursery. Ensuring you have sufficient and varied storage solutions from the start will help you keep everything neat and organised right from day one.

At minimum, you'll want a dresser with ample drawers for storing clothes, sleepers, socks and more. Cube storage units or bookcases provide open shelving for displaying keepsakes, books and stuffed animals. Hanging canvas shelves or over-the-door organisers are perfect for corralling smaller items like bibs, burp cloths and muslins. Storage ottomans are multi-functional, serving as a spot to stash extra linens and a footrest for feedings.

Baskets are your friend for quickly sorting larger items like swaddle blankets and jumpers. Rolling carts or units with pull-out bins allow you to easily separate clean and soiled items when changing nappies. Be sure to mount all shelving, dressers and other large furnishings securely to the walls using anchors to prevent dangerous tip-over accidents.



Bonus Tip: Safety Essentials  

While the cot, bedding, feeding area, changing station, and storage solutions form the core essentials, there are things that shouldn't be overlooked. Taking simple precautions to ‘babyproof’ the nursery from the start will prevent unneeded headaches later.

Use anchors and safety straps to secure all heavy furnishings like bookcases, changing tables and dressers to the walls. This prevents them from toppling over once your curious climber starts pulling up. Cover all electrical outlets with sliding covers or plug protectors to keep little fingers safe. Install window stops or guards to ensure windows can only open a few inches for ventilation — any wider and your baby could be at risk for falls. You'll also want soft area rugs, corner guards and edge bumpers to cushion any tumbles around the cot and play areas. Read more on how to babyproof your nursery (and your entire home) here.




While preparing for baby's arrival certainly involves a seemingly never-ending checklist, focusing first on these key essentials will ensure you create a nursery that's comfortable, safe and fully equipped right from the start. Of course, every child is unique and you'll likely discover a few additional must-have items tailored specifically to your family's needs and parenting style. But this guide gives you the perfect head-start to outfitting a warm, functional nursery space that both you and your baby will love spending time in.



P.S. A functional and beautiful nursery is one of the best things you can give your baby, as it will aid your baby's proper development. At The Baby Cot Shop, we've curated a collection of nursery pieces of the highest quality, from furniture to decor, bedding and everything in-between. Take the first step to providing comfort for your little darling by browsing our collection today. You'll be glad you did.

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