5 Back to School Nursery Room Must-Haves

It’s that time of year…again! A new term has begun and the excitement is real. Whether your little one is embarking on their first day of nursery (eeeek!) or progressing into a new form at school, here are the at-home essentials you’ll want to keep in their nursery…
The Modern Low Shelf Unit
low shelf unit Celebrate the start of a fresh new term with this low, child-friendly unit – perfect for designing however you see fit. Need a shelf for your mini bookworms? This is just the place to store their favourite reads and homework. Alternatively, you may want to arrange their nursery or school essentials in one place, with folders, books, baskets, arts and crafts and pencils. Furnish your very own Modern Low Shelf Unit to match your nursery style – you can design it in white, pale pink stripes or pale blue stripes at The Baby Cot Shop  
Classic Table and Chairs by Savio Firmino
classic table and chairs There’s no doubt about it, once your little one starts nursery or school, they constantly develop and learn. So there’s nothing more appropriate than the Classic Tables and Chairs by Savio Firmino to keep their creativity flowing back at base. The most elegant addition to every nursery, it features four stunning chairs and a chalkboard table, so they can draw and learn in the most captivating way. Trust us, they’ll quickly get addicted to this activity table, which can also be used for reading and homework o’clock.   
Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie
gold bunny blankie If your mini me feels nervous in new environments, this toy comforter is a must-have. Of course, leaving the security of your own home can be daunting for a little one, so treat them to the Majestic Gold Bunny Blankie to support them in their new journey. This adorable bunny is their cuddly friend, which they can bring to nursery with them and snuggle up to back at home too. They’ll start associating it with safety and familiarity (as it will naturally smell like home to them), which will make the nursery transition that much easier.   
Animal Alphabet Framed Print
alphabet nursery art Learning is fun, especially when it’s animal-themed. Hang this framed poster in their room to bring a sense of adventure to their little hub. Displaying each letter of the alphabet with an animal to match, the Animal Alphabet Framed Print beautifully illustrates an array of creatures, like a giraffe, penguin and whale. And mums love that their little darlings can continue their learning journey outside nursery – you could even point to it and sing the alphabet with them. When it comes to the frame, choose a colour that compliments your baby’s nursery, like white, gold or natural.   
Madison Nursery Glider
Madison glider Whether it’s for story time or homework reading, the Madison Nursery Glider is the most luxurious pick. Our top cushioned chair for snuggling up in, it’s ultra-soft and spacious, so you can both sit comfortably for this special bonding time. Complete with long arm rests and a firm back, you’ll want to sit in it whenever there’s some down time. Seeking books to engage all tots? Check out The Baby Cot Shop’s favourites – ABC Off To Sea Book and The Lost Date Children’s Book  
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