4 Essentials For a Peaceful Wind-down Time

The key to your baby’s bedtime routine is wind-down time. But what exactly is it? Wind-down time refers to preparing your little one for a peaceful night’s sleep, which usually starts around 30-45 minutes before bed. This usually involves bath time, reading, baby massage, lullabies and feeding.  So, take note of these must-have items that encourage the most relaxing wind-down time…  
London Grey Hooded Towel & Mitt Set
LONDON GREY HOODED TOWEL & MITT SET Wind-down time starts in the bath. Wash and dry your little sweetheart with the London Grey Hooded Towel& Mitt Set, pampering them with the ultra-soft mitt first, followed by post-bath time snuggles in the hooded towel. They’ll instantly unwind, thanks to the warm bath water, delicate towel material and special bonding time.    
Embroidered Beatrix Potter Fabric
EMBROIDERED BEATRIX POTTER FABRIC - MULTI   Tailor-made to suit your nursery and style, this quintessentially British fabric (featuring Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck) can be made into curtains or Roman blinds. A customised way of decorating their room, it’s also beneficial for wind-down time. Dimming the nursery lights is recommended during this time to prompt natural levels of melatonin (the sleepy hormone), helping them fall and stay asleep.   
ABC Off To Sea Book
ABC-OFF-THE-SEA   It’s story time! Reach for this brilliant book to educate, bond and relax before they doze off. In fact, reading a book each evening can help you get into a routine, as they’ll always associate it with winding down. This nautical-themed book takes you on a journey across the sea, bringing to life marine illustrations through the alphabet (such as A for Anchor and D for Dolphins). Top tip: read to them in a calm, soft voice to signal that it’s nearly time to rest.  
Madison Nursery Glider
Madison Chair   There’s nothing more reassuring than holding your little one close, having a long cuddle and gently swaying on a rocking chair. Cue the Madison Nursery Glider – the essential nursery item for wind-down time. This stylish chair features long arm rests and a firm back, so you can feed, bond and read to your bubba in ultimate comfort. The best part? The gentle, repetitive gliding motion is deeply soothing, helping them ease into sleep mode and lowering anxiety.  
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