4 Best Ways To Bond With Your Baby During Bath Time

Bath time is the perfect environment to bond with your little bundle. These special moments are all about making baby feel secure and comforted – and trust us, you’ll cherish these memories forever. Here’s how to do it…
Scrub in the tub 
LONDON GREY HOODED BATH TOWEL & MITT SET   There’s more to washing your baby than just scrubbing off the day’s dirt. That’s right, cleaning your little one is in fact a bonding experience.  This skin-to-skin contact helps them feel safe and calm – and with the warm water relaxing them before bed time, there’s no better opportunity to bond.  Apply baby wash with one hand and use the elegant mitt from the London Grey Hooded Towel & Mitt Set on the other to gently scrub and pamper them. 
Storytime, bath style
ABC-OFF-THE-SEA   One of our favourite ways to bond with your baby in the bath is reading a story. Whether it’s a picture book or a sweet book, it’s been proven that reading to babies can encourage language development, lead to a larger vocabulary and teach speech patterns.  Introduce the alphabet with the nautical ABC Off To Sea book, which takes them on a journey across the ocean – you’ll meet cruise ships and dolphins along the way!
Singing time
  This one comes naturally to mums when it’s bath time. When you sing to your little darling in the tub, it helps prepares their communication skills and ability to focus. Plus, they’ll be in awe as you sing and act out the words (guaranteed to make them smile). We love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for bath time bonding.  Another great way to engage them whilst singing is to show them their favourite toy. And how cute is the Lagoon Skinny Rabbit?
Cuddles after bath
  Once you’ve wrapped them up in their cosy towel, it’s time for snuggles. Cuddling your baby after they’ve chilled out in the bath can lead to a better wind down time and sound night sleep. Additionally, this bonding time actually causes your baby’s brain to release vital hormones that help their brain development.  Looking for the perfect bonding spot? Enjoy precious cuddles on the luxurious Madison Nursery Glider, which can be tailored to your nursery style. 
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