Meet Central London Mummy and Writer, Jen Solomon of SW1 Mums Club

We are excited to have coffee with Jen Solomon founder of SW1 Mums Club! Jen shares the story of SW1 Mums, the club that keeps families up to date with the latest fun activities and events going on in our great city, London.


When did the SW1 Mums Club start and what inspired  you to start it? The SW1 Mum newsletter really only started as an email to a few mums in the area to meet up with babies. People kept asking me to add their friends until it turned into a newsletter! It now has over 1,000 subscribers, and everyone on the mailing list heard about it from word of mouth. I’ve never advertised.

When you began this project did you think that it would grow and be loved as much as it is?

I had no idea that it would grow like this and that actually it was the perfect way to build a social media mummy brand.  I was doing it before I had even heard of the term ‘mummy blogger’.

What is it about  SW1 Mums Club that is such an attraction for mums?

I think other mums like it because I use my own voice. I keep it chatty and informal and only put events on the newsletter that I think will be of interest. I don’t take money for advertising, so I’m free to curate it as I choose!

What was the best message/comment you have ever received?

My readers often email me to tell me how much they appreciate the newsletter. It makes me really happy when someone tells me they had no idea how many families there are and how many family activities are available in Central London. This is what it was always about for me. Connecting mums, so they don’t feel lonely.

What is the best thing that has come out of your work?

The best thing that has come out of my work is the huge network of people I’ve met and linked in with each other. I usually can’t walk down the street without bumping into a mum I know! The drive behind all of this in the beginning was for me to get out and meet other mums, as I didn’t know any, so I think I certainly succeeded!

What is your favourite thing to do with the family?

As a family, we love celebrating the holidays, and always decorate our home at Halloween and Christmas etc… so going to fun special events in London is something we love doing, but also we love a cinema trip (we always get sweets AND popcorn!)

What’s next for the SW1 Mums Club

I spend a lot of time of the newsletter, so at the moment, I’m looking at how I can rebalance my time and spend more on the social media aspects of SW1 Mums and grow that more.


The Baby Cot Shop would like to thank Jen Solomon for sitting down with us. For more information visit

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