Why Do We Celebrate World Art Day? The Importance of Art in Child Development.

World Art Day (15th April) is a celebration around the world; a day dedicated to appreciating the fine arts and promoting awareness of the importance of creative activity. "Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe and plays an important role in sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity and dialogue." - UNESCO

Encouraging curiosity and dialogue is key to child development. Engaging in artistic activities boasts plenty of benefits for little ones:

  1. Promotes Creativity - Art assists children to think "outside the box" by stringing two unrelated ideas together to create innovative solutions to problems.
  2. Encourages Neural Connections - Art activities can utilise all the senses (squishing play-doh, using foods to paint, drawing from sight) which stimulates the synapses in the brain to wire to new experiences.
  3. Develops Fine Motor Skills - The hands-on nature of art helps children improve their dexterity and coordination by gripping glue sticks, operating scissors, tearing paper, etc.
  4. Encourages Language Development and Reflection - By experiencing new colours, shapes, textures and actions, children can develop their vocabulary. Art is also an outlet for emotions, helping to manage big feelings they might not be able to communicate verbally.
  5. Helps Children Connect - Art can be a common ground for children who have just met, aren't interested in the same things, or perhaps speak different languages. It is a shared (and loved) activity, fun for all ages!

Rainbow_Art_Prints_NurseryAt The Baby Cot Shop, we recognise the vital role that art has to play in your child's development, especially in their first years when your baby's eyes and brain begin to coordinate what they see. Our luxury nursery art and decor collections have been thoughtfully designed to develop children's knowledge of shapes, letters, numbers, animals, and much more! From positive affirmationsinspiring words and iconic animal portraits to images symbolising the special bond between mother & child, your little one is sure to excel. Additionally, opt for a themed nursery or bedroom and explore our range of exciting nursery wallpaper designs and beautiful fabrics, from Beatrix Potter to Under the Sea, as well as our personalised hand-painted nursery decor which can help baby learn their name! 

These pieces aren't just for baby; they're the perfect addition to any toddler's room or older child's room as well. Pair with our bespoke table and chair sets for bigger kids to aid in the creation of some wonderful and expressive children's art!


Not sure how to achieve the perfect luxury nursery, bedroom or playroom? Looking to infuse the space with stimulating nursery prints or toddler art and positive vibes? Contact us today and our experienced interior design team will help you create a hub of hope your little one won't forget!

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