How do I choose the perfect Moses Basket for my baby?

For the first 6 months, it is recommended that your baby sleep in the same room as you. The perfect first bed for this? The Moses Basket!

Named after Moses in the Bible, whose mother placed him afloat a river in a woven basket, the Moses Basket has been a traditional option from time immemorial. The traditional Moses Basket is a woven basket, usually made from Palm or Wicker; the most common types of basket. Palm is a softer, more flexible option, while Wicker is a more rigid structure. Both styles feature padded fabric lining, soft but firm mattress, removable blanket, secure handles, and often an optional stand to avoid draught and assist in rocking little one to sleep.

Moses Baskets are recommended up until baby is 3 months old, or once they're able to lift their little head up, whichever comes first. A Moses Basket can become a treasured item to be used again if you decide to have more bundles of joy, or pass it down for generations as a precious heirloom. These baskets are ideal if you'd like to keep an eye on your little one at all times as you can carry them inside from room to room. Other benefits include...

  • Light and easy to store
  • Can be placed next to bed so baby sleeps safely next to you
  • Makes transition into cot easier
  • Smaller size to fit in most places
  • Hood keeps baby shaded and cool

Things to consider when shopping for your perfect Moses Basket:

  • Is it lightweight enough?
  • Will it fit in your room, beside your bed?
  • Does it come with a rocking stand or still stand?
  • Are the handles sturdy and comfortable?
  • Does the design suit your style and lifestyle?

Our Luxury Moses Baskets are designed to keep your little bundle of joy cosy and happy - just what they need to feel secure as they drift off to sleep.

To make the most of your Moses Basket, you can use it for daytime naps too! Your guests will love meeting your new arrival in such a plush setting.

Like our soft baby bedding and elegant cribs, we produce our baskets from soft, breathable fabrics to help maintain your baby's temperature.

Whether you're looking for traditional, modern, luxe, under-stated, playful or super chic, you're sure to find the Moses Basket of your dreams at The Baby Cot Shop. Right now, we are offering 15% OFF our wide range of Moses Baskets; an offer not to be missed!

Still a little confused? Watch our youtube video on Moses Baskets here.

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