How to Feng Shui Your Baby’s Nursery

It may come as a surprise, but it’s actually possible to feng shui your baby’s nursery. Hooray! Follow these simple feng shui steps to add tranquillity and harmony into their little haven…  
What is feng shui?
Feng Shui translates to ‘wind-water’ and refers to the ancient Chinese tradition of balancing your home through furniture and object placement. This is thought to create a new, positive energy that will bring peace, happiness and ultimate comfort.    
  One of the simplest ways to feng shui baby’s nursery is introducing calming colours. The difference between a soft shade of wall paint like cream versus a bold colour such as red can affect how your baby relaxes and sleeps. In short, the more neutral and cosier the colour, the better. When it comes to the feng shui colour palette, shades are linked to earth’s natural elements – each composed of an energy that reflects on the space and people in it. For example, shades of beige and pastel yellow are known as earth colours, which inject nourishment and stability into a room. Whilst if you opt for a white and grey colour scheme, these metal elements bring light and composure to the environment.   
  How you use the nursery’s space is a focus point in feng shui. The first rule? Don’t place your little one’s cot close to the door and allow it to have its own area. Additionally, ensure the head of the cot is against a solid wall so your baby feels cosy, rather than it being isolated in the middle of the room. Another top tip: limit the amount of electrical appliances around their sleeping area. The less electrical wiring here the better to truly detoxify their room.  When it comes to toys and baby items that tend to outstay their welcome on the floor, a cleaner, more clutter-free space can promote good feng shui.  
the-modern-cot-bed   Wooden elements represent the natural environment, strength and growth. And when it comes to baby nursery décor, wooden objects can have a more calming influence than harsh, plastic items. Then there’s the classic Modern Cot With Beech Wood Spindles that no traditional nursery is complete without.   
ABC Bean Bag Pouf   Fun fact: round shapes, be it through décor, toys or furniture, are subconsciously soothing. That’s right, round designs are favoured over harsh, sharp shapes to encourage stability and serenity. Ready to give it a go? Jump on the bandwagon with the ABC Bean Bag Pouf, Circle Spot Rug and Fabric Storage Basket in Oliver Aqua  
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