The Baby Cot Shop team share their top tips and buys for expecting parents.


Expecting a baby? This incredible journey you’re on can also be overwhelming. Where do you begin? What should you buy? Fear not, The Baby Cot Shop team are here to lend a helping hand. Let us guide you through this exciting time with our top tips and luxurious

BCS Team

BCS Team



Toks Aruoture, Founder of The Baby Cot Shop

My top tips for expecting parents are…

I always advise expecting parents to measure their nursery room and mark out windows and fitted wardrobes – this is the first step in creating their dream nursery. Next, consider your new lifestyle – will you have family over to help or hire a maternity nurse? If they'll be staying overnight in the baby's room, buy a sofa bed or day bed that can serve this purpose. Additionally, it’s a great idea to try your nursing chair in person for comfort and test the height of your chosen changing unit.”

My top practical pick from The Baby Cot Shop is…


Wingback Nursery Glider

“A super comfortable nursing chair like the Wingback Nursery Glider. You’ll spend many hours, day and night, feeding your baby and you want to be very comfortable. Purchase it during your second trimester so you can enjoy it in the final stretch of your pregnancy.”

Lizete Capontes, Client Services at The Baby Cot Shop

My top tips for expecting parents are…

“Make a list of the essentials you need for the first few months. If you are planning to have the baby in the same room as you at first, you’ll need all the items required for a functional nursery as well as something smaller for your room like a bassinet or Moses basket. The team at The Baby Cot Shop are always more than happy to advise on what will work best for your needs. Remember, if you don’t have enough time to plan and design their nursery, The Baby Cot Shop's Interior Design Service is here to do all the hard work for you, helping you from start to finish and managing the project so you don’t have to.”  

My top practical pick from The Baby Cot Shop is…

Organic Baby Mattress

“An appropriate mattress for your little bundle of joy like this Organic Baby Mattress. A newborn may sleep up to 18-19 hours a day, which means they will spend most of the time on their back. Therefore, babies require a firm support mattress. Take this into consideration when purchasing their mattress.”

Lauren Carbran, Content Creator at The Baby Cot Shop

My top tips for expecting parents are…

“Spend time researching your nursery products – how practical are they? What do you really need? What will look perfect in your nursery? You could also create a mood board to envision how all the products and colour scheme could look together. It’s also worth looking into the safety elements behind nursery furniture and décor – for example, it’s not advised to put wall art above your baby’s cot.”

My top practical pick from The Baby Cot Shop is… 

Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed

Without hesitation, a cot bed like the Tribeca Tufted Cot Bed. This is a bed that grows with your child, with integrated removable sides and end panels for when those toddler days are over. As a mum who has opted for a cot bed, I have peace of mind knowing I won’t need to change around my daughter’s nursery when she’s ready for a big kid bed.”

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