Transforming a 1970s Bassinet- Behind the Scenes!

31st Jul 2012

We thought it’d be a good idea to give you a behind the scenes peek into our world here at Punkin Patch Interiors :)

We'll be sharing the good, the bad and the downright scary in the next few posts- today we’ll start with the good. It’s the last day opf the month so let’s end on a high note! We have had the sheer pleasure of transforming old bassinets and cribs but this is one of our most memorable.


We were given the task to dress up and restore this beautiful, circa 1970s baby bassinet to it’s former glory. It was a gift from mother to daughter and guess why it was a 1970s bassinet? Yep, her daughter slept in the same crib as a newborn! I can’t think of a more precious gift than to have your baby sleep in the same crib that you slept in.

It was in very good condition but needed a new mattress, British Safety standards have come a looong way since the 70s and it is essential to stay up to date. Some of the requirements are not easily visible to the eye, for example the materials used, fireproofing, the gap between the matress and the crib or cot, etc. Because we offer a custom mattress service, we are able to make mattresses to any shape or size.

First we picked up the bassinet because even though we work a lot over the phone and via email, we do home visits too. Usually when we need to design a nursery or give advice on a project. Had this been a standard bassinet where we could easily get the measurements from the manufacturer, emails would have worked.It was essential to make sure it was safe to use, any loose screws tightened, etc.

Next we presented a selection of designs to Mrs J and she chose her favourite.

paris-bassinet.jpg Then came the fun part, choosing the fabrics. The choice of fabric was important because this is where you decide wether you want to go traditional or modern. We sent a selection of swatches to her and she picked one that she liked with a few amendments to the style. It was a white, cotton sheer fabric with raised polka dots also in white. We lined the skirt and trimmed it in satin to give it a luxe feel and look and some stiffening fabric under the skirt to create a belled shape. The bumper and crib sheet were made from soft poplin, 100% cotton.  While we believe in really dressing up cots, cribs and bassinets, it is essential that any part that comes into direct contact with baby is breathable fabric; we like 100% cotton baby bed linen. The veil was made in the same sheer fabric as the skirt and her bassinet was instantly transformed.


We would love to say that the whole process was smooth sailing, and for the most part it was. But we were faced with some challenges like delivery (it was snowing) and screws that went missing!

Needless to say, Mrs J, her daughter and son in law were very pleased and so were we!

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