The Modern Bunk Bed

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This bunk bed is as versatile as our high sleeper and can be quickly turned into 2 individual beds.

Both beds are based on the same system and share the same accessories such as canopy, side shelves, storage boxes etc. 

Thanks to its modern and neutral design and the high-quality materials, even teenagers can keep the bed as a couch in the room. 

The bunk bed  is suitable for children over 6 years.

Dimensions L 209 cm x W 99 cm

Two Heights available:

Standard: Sleeping height of the top bed is 120 cm.

Tall: Sleeping height of the top bed is 145 cm.

Total Height without canopy:

Standard: 145 cm

Tall: 170 cm

Total Height with canopy:

Standard:   200 cm 

Tall:  225 cm

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