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Teepee Bed

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Please allow 8 to 10 weeks

Teepee is a children’s tent bed inspired by the traditional indigenous tents. The Teepee Room has a playful design influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Kids will be drawn to this room because of the sense of adventure that it inspires.

Constructed from a solid oak veneer, both on the base, bed and storage, it is then supported by a 5-pole structure with a covering in synthetic leather, with peach skin texture.

It is comfortable, cozy and playful, featuring interactive design elements such as a remote controlled light and sound system and a toy box that functions as a secret compartment.

Aluminum, acrylic, brass, oak veneer, synthetic leather with peach skin texture

Glossy varnish, gold plated, glossy lacquered, fire retardant

Approx.: 371 Kg

Diameter: 280 cm | 110.2"
Height: 245 cm | 96.4"

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