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Rug Buying Guide


Rugs can do so much more to a room than simply cover your floors. They offer both comfort and style, and with the right positioning, can alter the entire appearance of a room. To help you choose the perfect rug for your nursery or child’s room Punkin Patch Interiors has compiled this useful guide to help you consider the key points when choosing your rug.


Consider the size and shape of the room first; is it a large size room or a small? Does it have small alcove spaces? Smaller rugs can be used to break up a room whilst larger rugs give an impression of space. In a small room a round rug would complement the room better rather than a large rectangular rug which would consume a lot of the floor space making the room look smaller.


Think about the existing décor in the room and choose a rug that complements with its surrondings.  Standard rectangular rugs provide both utility and elegance while circular and octagonal rugs add a unique fun look. Consider the colour, darker shades help create a cozy, feel while lighter colors complement open spaces and make smaller rooms feel more spacious. Traditional rugs, are most often rectangular, they typically have a fringed edge and come in numerous colours, patterns and designs. Some rugs can also come with other edgings such as the scallop which creates a fun factor and border rugs are rectangular and feature solid block colours around the edge of the rug framing the centre and could be a perfect alternative if you wanted a rug that wasn’t loud but had a splash of design. Spotty rugs are a good choice for a child’s room or nursery and can be suitable for both boys and girls.


Punkin Patch Interiors has a wide rug range which comprises of rugs made from either wool, acrylic or cotton each material has its own advantages and will aid you in deciding which rug best suits your needs.

Acrylic rugs tend to be more robust and also tend to come with a rubbersized anti-slip backing so could be a good option if you’re planning to put the rug in a play room which will be more exposed to spills and wear etc. The hardiness of the acrylic rug means they can conceal and resist stains and soil allowing stains to be removed easily. New rugs can be prone to producing fluff; this is completely normal and only lasts a short period of time, regular vacuuming will restore your rug to its original state.


Wool rugs offer a natural composition and provide a luxurious feel as they are soft and thick yet still resilient so this type of rug would be perfect for a bedroom or playroom. New rugs can be prone to producing fluff, this is completely normal and only lasts a short period of time, Regular vacuuming will restore your rug to its original state.


Cotton rugs have a soft feel and offer a natural composition that is durable. Most cotton rugs are machine washable and come in a wide range of colours.


Vacuum high-traffic areas frequently, and don't forget to vacuum less frequently used areas on occasion as well. Clean spills quickly by blotting rather than rubbing and scrubbing. If you have a particularly expensive rug, consider a professional cleaning periodically. Use a pad underneath, particularly on hard floors this will help prevent slipping as well as provide greater comfort. If you don't use a pad, be sure that rug corners are out of the way in high-traffic areas. Rotate rugs every 6-12 months to prevent uneven wear, check the back of rugs periodically to prevent damage from moths and carpet beetles.


Nonskid Backing: This is a particularly important feature for scatter rugs placed in the bathroom. Rugs with nonskid backing won't slide out from underneath you when you step on them, even if the floor beneath them is very smooth.


Resilience: measures how well fibers bounce back from crushing and the weight of heavy furniture. Choose a more resilient rug with if you are planning to place them underneath furniture or in high-traffic areas.

Stain Resistance: Some rugs are specially treated to prevent stains, an important characteristic for rugs in children’s room.

Soiling: If you're placing a rug in a high-traffic area, choose one that hides soil well. Darker colors and stain-resistant fibers are best at hiding and resisting soil and dirt.


We hope you found this guide useful, click here to shop for rugs.

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