We dress up for Chelsea in Bloom!

18th May 2019

“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”― Sophocles

At The Baby Cot Shop, we are privy to stories of motherhood from the blissful to the challenging. Motherhood is an unpredictable voyage, a journey through choppy waters with raging waves crashing into our hull. Yet in the heart of the tempest, mothers are always anchored by their children.

Our window flower display takes its inspiration from this quote by Sophocles. It features the hand painted quote highlighted by seashells and flanked by large floral anchors.

The Baby Cot Shop supplies high-end furniture for babies and children to parents who want the best. Our beautiful pieces are tailored to parents’ personal taste and lifestyle. The furniture is adaptable to the stages of childhood making it suitable for a growing family.

Parenthood comes with enough challenges so we take the stress out of creating a memorable space for children. 

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