Natural Washable Rug

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This Luxury handmade rug can add colour, warmth and cosiness to your child's room.

100% Cotton and it can be easily washed in a conventional washing machine.

Available in 3 different sizes:

Medium: 140 x 200 cm

Large: 170 x 240 cm

Extra Large: 200 x 300 cm

Composition: 97% cotton 3% other fibre - Base: recycled cotton



A handmade and carefully designed product. Each piece is unique, hence there may be small variations in colour and shape.
This product complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX certified.
This rug is made with the Loop and Cut-Pile techniques: With the Loop technique the thread is not cut, continues through the carpet forming small loops. The rug designed with this technique:
• It is more resistant to the passage of people.
• Loose less lint.

 100% natural fibre based. The reason why the rugs can have lint falls after the first washes. This will be reduced as you vacuum the rug (low-to-moderate intensity)

It is environmentally friendly. Free from toxic dyes or contaminants.
Suitable for sub-floor heating.

Made in India.

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