Monceau Mansion Fitted Sheet By Atelier Choux

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A clear cot doesn't have to be boring! The beautiful Fitted Sheet By Atelier Choux is just what you need to add that extra touch for your newborn baby's cot.

They are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and to fit mattresses that measure 140 x 70 cm (55″ x 28″) .Printed with water based, baby safe inks. These water based inks are well integrated within our highly absorbent fabric and are ‘lock-in’ during an air-drying process, therefore there is no concern that prints will significantly lighten or disappear over time.

  • Illustrations: By Mattias Adolfsson, in Sweden
  • Fabrication: Designed and 100% Made in France, from start to finish
  • Machine wash with similar colors, on a normal or warm/hot cycle. Tumble dry on a low or delicate setting. Ironing is possible (but not at all necessary) at a low temperature.

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