Meet Punkin, Patch and Friends

5th Nov 2013

We have been busy behind the scenes, you may have seen our campaign dubbed #whatsinyourwardrobe. Well what has been going on behind the scenes in our wardrobe?




We felt it was time for the brand to reflect our ethos of ‘Creating luxury bedrooms that spark the imagination of little ones’ and to revitalize our connection with our customers. Six year old Punkin and her brother, Patch are the characters in our new logo. Punkin likes to play dress up; her imagination transforms bubbles into real balloons.

punkinandpatch.jpgPatch’s no 1 hero is Dad.  The characters form the face of the brand and were designed by acclaimed artist Gemma Milly. We will be sharing more about them on our blog & via social media in the upcoming weeks.

The Punkin Patch Interiors website had a complete spring clean with a new & improved layout making it easier to navigate & search for products as well incorporating our new statement colours of sage, buttermilk, blush pink and silvermist. We are so excited about our new look and would love to hear your comments.








This illustration features friends of Punkin and Patch, they appear to be in a world of their own. Like all children, they play and enjoy each others’ company with wild abandon.

It is a true reflection of a happy childhood where Enid Blyton type stories are lived out- The Adventures of the Wishing Chair remains a firm favourite, and the chair in the picture looks very much like it! In that world there is no need for movies or TV; Enid's magical world cannot be recreated or represented through any other medium except in the active mind of a child. Words like gobbledigook and thingamybob transport you into the land of make-believe, where there are characters like moonface and Mr Saucepan Man, along with trees that scold or animals that converse in human language.

We have recreated these magical worlds through our furniture, linens and room accessories as well as through interior styling of your child’s room. We hope you’ll join Punkin, Patch and their friends as they embark on a magical journey filled with adventure. The best of it however will remain in your little one’s imagination as it grows with your child.

Welcome to our world!