Grey: The Chic Neutral

Grey: The Chic Neutral

6th Mar 2014

Like most parents, Simon Cowell apparently made some comments about how much love his unborn child would receive from him, these comments were made before little Eric arrived. We're pretty sure he feels differently now. By differently I mean there are two feelings you have as you transition into parenthood, the real and the imagined. The real, verifiable feelings only come into play when the baby is born.

We saw the pictures of the sweet bundle of joy swaddled in a soft cuddle grey blanket and flanked on either side by his two new friends- a cute grey elephant and Barefoot Dreams cozychic buddy. Barefoot Dreams incidentally are old friends of Punkin Patch.

Grey Nursery Ideas

Think of all things grey you could do to your baby’s nursery! Most likely years ago grey was not the most widely gifted item at baby showers. Just imagine the suspicious looks that fellow guests would have flung at the clearly uninformed bearer. Back then neutral meant white or cream only.

Shades of Grey Neutral Baby Bedding

These days however more parents are opting for grey as the new neutral instead of the traditional white or cream. Our top selling baby bedding is grey, and we are selling a lot more grey fabrics now than we did last year. Grey is a chic, serene neutral colour that adds that extra sophistication to your space. It could mean city, smart, modern, rich, mature or serious- depending on the use, it should however be used thoughtfully to avoid ending up with a dispiriting effect. The imagined view on the colour grey is that it is boring and too grown up.The reality is that grey is actually very flexible and there is no limit to the look you can achieve.

By adding a single coloured item you will make the entire room ‘pop’ beautifully, this means that you can change your look by simply swapping cushions, blankets, rugs or even using brightly coloured picture frames on the wall. Because of the nature of this neural hue, it can be dressed up as contemporary or traditional and all styles in between.

Yellow and Grey Nursery

Another way to liven up grey is to add texture. A coastal inspired room or nursery can borrow elements of nature like driftwood, shells or pebbles. Add warmth by incorporating warm wool blankets, cushions and rugs. I came across this knitted wool wallpaper and thought ‘wow!’. It isn’t for everyone as it is kind of quirky, but how’s that for a really interesting wall?

Knitted Wall Paper

If you prefer traditional colours for boys and girls, simply accessorize with pink for girls or blue for boys!

Pink and Grey Toddler Bedroom

If you are still uncertain about an all or mainly grey nursery, how about a statement piece in grey, and then let the colour in for everything else?

A splash of colour will make the room 'pop'

Have you used grey in your baby’s nursery? How did it turn out? We’ll love to hear!

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