How To Style A Balmoral Collection Nursery Room


Ever since The Balmoral Collection launched exclusively at The Baby Cot Shop, its become the most talked about nursery set in Chelsea. The range, which is inspired by the Regency Era, is filled with the most charming, regal nursery essentials. So it’s no wonder this is on every parent’s wish list right now. Sold? Here’s how to expertly style a Balmoral Collection nursery room…


Balmoral Cot Bed

This cot wows at first glance. From the dreamy headboards to the elegant interior, it’s the most precious first cot for your little bundle. The sleeping space boasts plush velvet upholstery, curved headboards and exposed wood grain for a truly elegant finish. What’s more, you can opt for a bespoke Balmoral Cot to suit your nursery style – simply choose the colour of wood and headboard. Nothing is more perfect than this for your mini me.   

Style it with: 

Willow Collection Set

This delightful linen set was curated especially to dress the Balmoral Cot Bed. It includes a Full Bumper, Duvet Cover and Decorative Cushion which exude charm and grace. You’ll be happy to know you can customise the colour scheme of the set – choosing from the linen in white, off white or neutral hues alongside a custom made trim.  

Friend and Family Tree Swaddle By Atelier Choux 

By day, this charming swaddle hangs over their cot for an effortlessly chic vibe. At night, it can be used as a swaddle or blanket to encourage sleep. But that’s not all – you can use this adaptable swaddle on a changing mat, as a breastfeeding cover or as a sunshade when on the go. Baby on the way or baby shower coming up? This makes a great gift for their nursery too. 

Balmoral Changing Unit

Enter the changing unit that promises to be a standout feature in their room. Expertly crafted with chic white wood and velvet lined drawers, this takes nursery furniture to another level. The removable tray means you can use it solely as a chest of drawers too, with everything you need within easy reach. As if it couldn’t get any more impressive, it boasts three extra-wide drawers that easily fit baby’s clothes and sleeping essentials in. 

Style it with:

Hand Carved Bear Nightstand Lamp

The beauty of the Balmoral Changing Unit is that you can take the changing tray off, leaving you with a surface to decorate and store essential items. That’s where the Hand Carved Bear Nightstand Lamp comes in, fitting perfectly on top of the unit, creating a gentle glow as you and your little one prepare for bed time.

Sunflower Tissue Box

Parents always need tissues handy for their little ones. Right? So place this delightful tissue box onto the Balmoral Changing Unit to brighten up their space. The hand-painted sunflower design is bright and uplifting, perfect as we enter the sunny season.

Balmoral Wall Crown

This is the crème de la crème of Regency style nursery décor. A quick fix to create a royal, premium space, this injects elegance into their room in an instant. The Balmoral Wall Crown is simply mounted to your wall, then all that’s left to do is attach a canopy of your choice, allowing it to float above their cot, playtime area or reading corner. Choose this for a cosy yet enchanting ambiance.

Style it with:

Majestic Gold Collection Canopy

Looking for the perfect canopy to fit onto the Balmoral Wall Crown? We’ve found it. The Majestic Gold Collection Canopy is what Pinterest mood boards are made of. It features intricate gold piping and the finest sourced satin for a glamorous effect. And if you’re designing a nursery but not finding out the gender of your little one, this is a top selling unisex pick.

Woods and Stars Off-White Cream Wallpaper

The Balmoral Wall Crown requires the perfect wallpaper backdrop. The Woods and Stars Wallpaper is just that, made for ornate and mesmerising spaces that feel like a fairy tale. It’s subtle yet imaginative, so we suggest either decorating all corners of their nursery with this or simply choosing it for the main feature wall behind the Balmoral Wall Crown. You can’t go wrong with this captivating pick.

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