Complimentary 3D Nursery Design

Designing your baby's first room should be a fun, stress-free activity and you should not feel burdened wondering how the furniture you have picked will look in the space.

With over 15 years of designing nursery rooms for some of the most stylish homes worldwide, we know precisely how to create the serene space you need.

The process is simple. 

  1. Book an appointment with us in-store so we can learn about your requirements.
  2. Bring a rough sketch of your floor plan, along with dimensions. We will discuss and choose the best furniture to suit your taste, lifestyle, and space at the meeting.
  3. We will send you a completed 3D nursery room showing you what the room will look like, along with colour palette recommendations.

3-d-render1.png 3d-2.png chair.png


It can be challenging to visualise the completed nursery room when all you have is an empty space with some furniture you're undecided on, that's why we are offering you a chance to have us design your room and see what it will look like before you commit to purchasing your furniture. 

We want you to have the confidence to shop for the right baby items and enjoy the process as you prepare a safe and welcoming space for your little one- with no added stress.

We assure you of our support throughout the process, so you do not risk buying nursery furniture that looks good online but isn't quite suitable for the room. A 3D nursery design will save you time and guarantee a stress-free nursery prep experience while giving you peace of mind.

3D Nursery Design is a part of our Full Nursery Design package. Throughout June, we are offering it as a complimentary service. There is no obligation to purchase our design services or our furniture.

 Choose your slot below or learn more about our nursery interior design process.