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Changing Bag Buying Guide

You might be wondering where an earth to start with buying a baby changing bag? What different styles are available? What actually needs to go into a changing bag itself? Do you need to combine what was once your own handbag with your now new changing bag? Lots of questions I know, let Punkin Patch Interiors changing bag buying guide help you with the answers.

A functional bag

Your changing bag should be big enough to carry all your baby kit without being too bulky. It needs a broad shoulder strap and/or comfortable handle and a wipe-clean lining so that it is easy to clean up any spillages etc. A separate section for keeping nappies etc. and if this is removable then that will give you even more flexibility in terms of how much stuff you might need/not need to take. Insulated pocket or bottle bag for keeping bottles warm or cool for several hours. A zip-up pouch for dirty nappies, bibs or wet clothes and easy access pocket for your phone/drink etc.

What exactly should you put in a baby changing bag?

Your changing bag should include all the necessary essentials needed for baby whilst out and about. Items like a fold-up changing mat (if one isn't included) nappies, baby wipes, nappy bags and nappy cream, tissues, spare clothes and a plastic bag to put dirty ones in, muslin cloths and bibs, a favourite toy, bottles, spare socks, teether (if baby has started teething of course) along with your phone, purse, keys if you have decided to use the same bag for everything.

What different styles are there?

With baby changing bags now days there is a vast amount of choice in terms of the sizes, materials and shapes. In terms of choosing a bag it mainly comes down to your own personal taste and what bag you think works best for you. Here’s a guide though into the different types of changing bags available…

Fabric changing bags tend to be made as part of a collection (e.g. a bedding collection) and there is a lot of choice with regards to pattern and colour. Fabric bags are usually machine washable and the straps are often adjustable which means it is flexible in terms of how you wish to carry it or if you prefer to hang it on the pram. Fabric bags are easy to store when not being used as they can be folded and put away easily. Most bags usually come equipped with an insulated compartment for bottles, wipe able/waterproof lining, a baby changing matt and compartments for other necessities such as nappies and a mobile phone holder for you.

Leather changing bags tend to offer the all in one option in terms of combining your changing bag with your own handbag. Leather changing bags are fashionable with regards to the style and shape available as they come in an array of colours and shapes. From tan and black to creams and blush pinks with shapes that include Totes to oval slouchy slings and satchels. Paired with the fashion you also have function which is where the changing bag element comes in to play to give you a true sense of flexibility, a changing bag by day and handbag by night! Most leather changing bags come well equipped with thermal insulated bottle holder, changing mat which is easy to wipe clean and foldaway, plastic zip pouch to store items, detachable zip pocket pouch for storing small items (creams, medicines etc.), and a multitude of pockets and compartments for storage of bottles, nappies and all items necessary to take care of baby. 


We hope you found this guide useful, click here to shop for baby changing bags. 

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