Transitioning from Cot to Bed: Is it time?

From about 24 months or older, the time begins to draw near to move your precious baby into a toddler bed. Most parents first start to consider this once the toddler has started to attempt climbing out of the cot. In other cases, it is the impending arrival of a new baby that swiftly moves him out of the nursery into the toddler bedroom. For others still, it happens when toddler is potty trained and can use the bathroom himself. Luxury Cot Bed What are the signs? The first thing that comes to mind is your child falling out of the bed. Safety appears to be the number one driving force for every decision we make as parents. You move them out of the cot because you fear they'll climb out, you place them in the bed but worry they'll roll off!  Once your child accords himself the title of head-climber (out-of-the-cot), and he is attempting to do this even at the lowest mattress level, it is time. Transitioning The transition needs to be as smooth for parents as well as for child. Start talking about it as soon as you start to see the tell-tale signs; let them know they will be moving into a big boy or girl room (or bed). This is such a big event that you (and them) should be excited about. In truth you'd probably get emotional but we won't let them see that :) Where possible, convert the cot to a bed- which is the natural choice if you have a cot bed- as opposed to changing rooms completely.  If your cot does not convert to a bed replace the cot with a bed. The familiar space will help to curb any anxieties your toddler may feel with the new sleeping arrangement. The New Bed Perhaps you purchased a cot bed and all you need to do is remove the side rails. Cot beds are much lower and therefore closer to the ground than single beds so that reduces the worry of falling out. Some children's beds come with optional guardrails and those are great, as you will not need to change the bed for a while. Others come with the sides raised higher than normal which means the side rails double as a guard rail. Universal bed guard rails are also available in the shops. Choose a bed that will grow with your child. Spending 8 or more hours each night in a bed will make them fall in love with it quite quickly. Some beds come with underbeds or trundles which are great for sleepovers. Mid or high sleepers are not recommended for children under 6 and the top of a bunk bed is also reserved for the over 6s.     [caption width="560" id="attachment_3204" align="aligncenter"]Guard rails make transition easier Guard rails make transition easier[/caption]Moving into a new bedroom? If you have to move your child into a different room entirely, involve them in the decorating and setting up process. Allow them to pick themes and colours. Regardless of  how unlikely the colour combinations are, a good interior designer can make it work and make it look good too! How about your child taking their afternoon naps in there to break them in gradually? Slowly your child would begin to get familiar with the new space. We also recommend involving your child in the decorating of their new or old bedroom.  Our Motif Beds allow you to personalise it with your child's name. We are yet to come across a child whose eyes do not grow big as they see their name on their very own bed! The unique children's furniture collection comes with optional pieces of chest of drawers, wardrobe, wall shelf and so much more. Settling in Do make sure though that your child isn't whisked off to a new bedroom as soon as baby arrives. If your older one is not ready to move into their big boy or girl bed, by all means keep them in there until they are ready. Bear in mind that the new baby does not know your expectations and just wants to be comfortable and loved. The one to consider is the growing toddler who is aware somebody new is on the scene. One way around this is to purchase a Moses basket or crib or bassinet for the first few weeks to a few months. Bassinets and cribs last longer than Moses Baskets, they are small enough to be placed by your bedside, yet large enough as a first bed for a few months. Nightlights give out just enough light to see the immediate surroundings, but not so much that it keeps your child asleep. Choose from a selection of nightlights that are not only fun but stylish too. Finally, make sure you move your child's blanket, and soft toys to keep the sense of familiarity going. Do you have any tips that have worked for you in moving your child onward and upward? Please share with us. For assistance or customer support, please Call us on 0203 371 7530 Email us
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