Cot, Crib or Moses Basket? Demystifying your baby's first bed

With the plethora of first beds available, you’d be forgiven for being unsure as to where to start or what to buy for your newborn. From the obvious Moses Basket and baby cot to cradles, cribs and bassinets, the question is always asked; ''what really should I be using first?'' Along with the plethora of babies’ beds come a minefield of conflicting advice as to what should be used first and how long should it be used for. First thing to bear in mind besides the functionality of each is the terminology used to describe each one. Very often different terms are used to describe the same item in different countries.   Moses Basket  [caption width="475" id="attachment_1100" align="aligncenter"]Bon Ton Willow Moses Basket[/caption]Named after the basket of reeds used to keep Moses safe in the Bible, a Moses basket is a woven baby basket, usually made from plant leaves or stems. It may also be referred to as a bassinet in some countries. They are distinguished by the actual plant that it is made from. Palm baskets, Wicker baskets and Willow baskets as the most common. The basket is lined on the inside with padded fabric, a soft but firm mattress and a removable blanket. The removable, washable bedding is all fastened by ties or sewn into place. Moses baskets should never have any loose bedding, for safety purposes. [caption width="358" id="attachment_1104" align="alignleft"]Wendy Moses Basket[/caption]Some baskets sport a foldable, removable hood, which could be made from the same material as the frame or in some cases made from coordinating fabric. Moses baskets also come with a handle either in palm, leather or strong fabric webbing. Always place one hand under the basket as you carry it by the handles.  Because baskets and quite small, they make an excellent first bed for your newborn baby, having being in a very snog space for a few months! Moses baskets are sold on their own, or can be bought as part of your baby bedding collection. Stands are usually optional and come in white or natural colours. How long? Moses baskets last for up to 3 months. Babies grow at varying rates and as soon as your little pumpkin starts to lift her head up, it's time to move- and that may be before she's 3 months old. Pros:
  • Snog for baby
  • Easily moved from room to room
  • can be used in the living room for daytime naps
  • Doesn't take up much space and can be used next to your bed.
  • No matter how pretty your basket is, it wouldn't last beyond three months!
  • Place the basket inside the cot from about 2 months to start to prepare baby for the transition.
Crib or Cradle A Crib when used in the UK/EU English is quite simply is a small cot. It is also called a cradle. Usually cribs or cradles have a rocking or swinging motion to help lull your precious one to sleep. In the USA a crib actually refers to a cot, so be careful when purchasing items abroad to use the correct terminology. If in doubt, ask for the size (which may then need conversion to metric!)
Savannah Iron Crib
  Fabric covered baby cribCribs are larger than Moses baskets and are commonly made from wood; but wicker, willow and fabric cribs are also available. Some come already dressed in their own bedding, while others allow you to purchase your own crib bedding. A crib is usually supplied with a firm, breathable mattress. Crib mattresses can be synthetic or organic. Depending on how luxurious you want your crib or cradle, you can choose from a minimalist style by keeping it in it's simple state or go for something truly ornate by dressing with luxurious fabrics. One crib, several looks. Cribs can be used for up to 6 months, the requirement does vary by manufacturer so always ask. Pros:
  • Longer lasting than Moses baskets
  • Excellent 1st bed
  • Can be used in other rooms
  • Takes up little space
  • Can stand right next to your bed
  • Most come with gliding or rocking action
  • Not so easily moved about
Placing your baby straight into the cot, perhaps because of a lack of space is also fine. Swaddling your baby does help to keep your baby snog, although there are varying opinions as to whether swaddling should be encouraged or not. Either way, your baby's sleeping area should be free from soft toys, duvets and anything loose to  keep them safe from suffocating.     [caption width="443" id="attachment_1106" align="aligncenter"]Vintage wicker crib with fixed hood[/caption]  Still unsure? Do give us a call or email us and we'll be happy to help! 0203 371 7530      
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