Contemporary Nursery Ideas

A great challenge for many families is choosing to go with a contemporary nursery in order to maintain the design flow and style of the rest of the house. The perception still exists that a child’s room should not be too modern or but the reality is that it is possible to come up with a contemporary design that still manages to be soft, whimsical and playful. We've showcased some inspiring designs that  do a very good job of balancing modern with playful. If you’re looking for contemporary nursery ideas, then you're going to love today's post! Go White with a Splash of Color 


Many people tend to steer clear of white for a baby’s nursery but when done right it can be very effective as is the case with this contemporary nursery. The room is truly ultra-modern, with features like extra-large windows and an angled ceiling. The unexpected pop of color on the radiator and on the concealed drawers works wonderfully as an accent, adding a whimsy feel to the room. Add a Little Vintage to Your Modern Space 


Sometimes it’s a great idea to add a few vintage elements to a space to tone down how stark and modern it appears. This room is an elegant balance of modern and vintage with various singular elements that work well when combined. The tufted nursing chair with black piping is a classic piece which works nicely against a more modern crib. Go for Stripes 


Stripes are a great design choice for a modern nursery. This stylish modern nursery utilizes earth tones with a splash of color introduced into the space with a bright green changing station which also doubles as storage. The clean lines of the striped wall treatment is echoed throughout the room with the window shades and the chair. The crib also adds another element of modern with its geometric design and stark white color. The three simple line drawings over the changing station add an element of youthfulness. Dare to Use Black & White 


Black and white is not generally among the color palates considered for a baby nursery but with a little imagination black and white can be a great choice for a contemporary nursery idea. The added benefit is that the design is less likely to be outdated by the time your baby reaches two years old. This room makes excellent use of the color palate without resulting in a design that’s gaudy and dark. Instead, the illuminated letters on the wall seem to compensate for the depth of the lower half of the walls. The room has many design elements – the rocking chair covered in houndstooth, the textured pillow, the monochromatic rug, and the geometric light fixture which is an excellent focal point that pulls the eyes upward. Add Some Whimsy  


It’s possible to incorporate whimsy into a contemporary nursery design and this room does a very good job of blending the two. The hand painted clouds on the ceiling trailing down the walls is the focal point of the room. The window and door frames are all painted black which provide a nice contrast to the walls which are painted in a soft powdery blue. Another great source of contrast is the large white rug over the dark wood floors. The crib and changing station are all defined by clean straight lines which enhance the modern design element in the room. Are you a lover of contemporary? Which nursery design is your favourite? They are all beautiful, but we are particularly loving the black and white design, who would have though black & white in a nursery could look so chic yet child like at the same time? Tweet your favourites to @thebabycotshop
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