Lace in the Nursery?

One of the distinctions we are known for here at The Baby Cot Shop is creating rooms out of everyday objects. Besides selling the finest furniture bedding and interiors for babies and children's room (if I may say so myself) we simply love to show off our own interpretation of a chosen item in bedrooms or nurseries. So recently I spent a blissful Saturday with a friend at  the world-famous Portobello road market, London. Portobello road has got a flavour and culture of its own. The mix of tourists, the pastel coloured terraced houses, delicious smelling street-food from cultures around the world. And then there are the stalls, showcasing a medley of fashion accessories from vintage to modern. The shops also have a character of their own; independent boutiques and pop-up shops flank the busy street market. It was then I noticed the prevalence of lace EVERYWHERE. [caption id="attachment_691" align="alignleft" width="222"]Lace Dress inspired vintage lace nursery Lace dress, Portobello Road London[/caption] Friends,as you know, Vintage lace is in! I couldn't resist this dress. Very feminine and pretty and not at all revealing. I don't like revealing clothes. Perhaps if I had an ironing board stomach like Kate Moss my opinion would greatly differ! I digress.  I thought what if we created a lace nursery? What would the main elements be? Can you have a lace-themed nursery in a modern room? Would little girls want lace in their bedrooms? That, I really need an answer to as I am blessed with four sons (five if you count hubby) and have no inkling of how to be a girl. Plus I have no sisters, just brothers. Pattern. Lace varies in patterns and you can pretty much narrow them down to wide or narrow. It isn't as clean-cut as that but we don't want to go into the history of the different types of lace based on material used and methods of making the holes. Bridal shops are a great place to find good lace. Handmade lace is more expensive and individual, but can also be a bit on the fragile. Also when using it in baby bedding and curtains, avoid the large holed ones for safety; to prevent their little fingers pulling or getting stuck in it. Colour There are different colours but cream says vintage. You can add a touch of colour to it like we have in our Eloise Vintage iron crib. Purple or lilac is also a vintage colour so that would work well too. [caption id="attachment_696" align="alignleft" width="211"]Eloise Iron Cradle with Lace Canopy Eloise Iron Cradle with Lace Canopy[/caption] Because lace is not the smoothest, softest fabric around, it is best to use it for the decorative parts of the baby bedding, the part that doesn't come into comtact with baby's skin. Lace is used here quite generously for the canopy of our four-poster iron cot. [caption id="attachment_704" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mimi Four Poster Cot with Lace Canopy Lace decorated designer baby cot[/caption] Also in the Eloise pillows, the 'tail' is made from lace and the rest is soft silk. The Eloise Baby pillows in silk and tulle are a great template for making your changing mat cover, designer baby bedding and even nursery accessories like nappy stackers and curtains. Simply add a frill or tail to the design in lace and voila! Of course the tips given are not limited to nurseries, but to children's rooms as well. Little girls love lace. For the finest baby and children's furniture, bedding and interiors, (and of course if you want a lace-themed nursery or bedroom designed from scratch) visit our online boutique at For free tips, fabric sourcing or our complimentary professional design service, simply call us on 0203 371 7530 or drop us a line at [caption id="attachment_698" align="alignleft" width="300"]Eloise Silk Pillows Eloise Silk Pillows[/caption]
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