Genderless baby???

Did you hear the one about the genderless baby? Just a totally random and unrelated thought!   Ironworks cot, £960         One of the challenges faced with creating a gender-neutral yet colour-free baby nursery is keeping the design fresh and neutral without it being bland. We'll show you how- without using colour. Colour is a vehicle to translate mood and feeling, but it isn't the only one. Texture can also be used as well as pattern. The choice of texture and pattern depends on whether you are going for a traditonal or modern look. While there are no hard and fast rules, traditional styles will lean towards using "touchy-feely" and natural textures like wool, linen or minky fabrics in the bedding and decor, natural wood or distressed iron for the furniture and wood or coir for the floor. Patterns like damask and floral on the walls will liven things up, there are wall papers that are self patterned and give a traditional ambience without looking gaudy feel free to call or email us if you need help finding some cute ones. We love painted wall murals because it gives you the flexibility wall papers do not offer. A nature scene painted on a feature wall, a few brown leaves scattered across the walls or a blue sky on a clear day will enhance your neutral coloured nursery or bedroom. Once you decide on what colour you'll be using, the obvious ones being cream, white or grey, you can add interest by using diferent hues of the same pallete. That also adds texture. Modern Nurseries will have smoother, predictable patterns. Textiles like linen can be used because of its crispness, as well as poplin which is a soft, smooth cotton. Choose baby bedding in white, cream or even grey- yes you read right! Your baby's bedding in a light shade of grey can later be teamed with pink if you decide to add colour in the future, and of course blue. If having your baby bedding custom made, a smart cream bumper with the ties and welt in a light shade of brown will look lovely, or for a lighter look, a white bumper with tan. Go for painted furniture, but if you prefer the look of natural wood, maple, alder or cherry finished furniture will give you a smooth surface. Modern baby nurseries will have bolder, streamlined patterns. Think simple, sleek, less-is-more in the details. Do remember you can call or email us anytime for more free design tips. Call us on: 0203 371 7530 (international callers +44 203 371 7530)  
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